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Thread: Seat Required

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    Seat Required

    Looking for a new kingdom. Previously I would've said Munk and Discord a must but now we'll have to see with the changes to Munk /in game intel. So let's say an active Discord channel is a must.

    Experienced vet capable of playing all roles to a high standard. Let's see the final changes to see what makes most sense. Province management will on point. If your leadership is looking for reinforcements then I can bring strategical advice, direction and help for players learning about province management.

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    sent you a PM

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    Need help with learning guides or something about province management. PM sent with my email.

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    thejudge have you found something already?

    terrymulhern do you use discord or whatsapp?
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    I'm on the server playing faery rogue turning players upside down and hanging them by their ankles.

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