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    Age 80 Final Changes

    FINAL changes for Age 80:

    Greetings Utopians!

    Most important things to note:
    - Freeze time will be extended (instead of Monday start we will start on Tuesday)
    - Undead is a race
    - Cleric has returned
    - Sitting time available and the way it's used is being adjusted
    - MunkBot will no longer function...enter UtopiaBot/IntelBot natively embedded in game, see details below:

    We are very excited to announce changes for Age 80! We apologize for the delay in releasing proposed changes however we hope that you will appreciate the work that we've done behind the scenes to ensure that the proposed changes would function as we expect before announcing since what we have in store is such a major development for the game. We really wanted to be certain that our plans would be ready and that we could deliver a product ready to go live.

    The major development we've been working on mainly revolves around the complete integration of natively stored intel directly within the Utopia-Game framework. There will no longer be a need for the '3rd party tool' MunkBot (or others) to store your gathered intel and everything that goes along with it, i.e. requiring users to register on other sites, download other tools, set up in-game functions and all the confusion that goes along with that especially for new users or users that are unfamiliar with these types of tools. At first, the integration will continue to appear similar to MunkBot but will be re-developed continously to improve the User Interface, intel storage displays, bot commands and more. There are many ways we plan to take advantage of natively storing intel and will continue deploying improvements to this system throughout the age and in the future.

    A very important key feature to understand now is that there is no need to have separate login information for MunkBot or that 3rd party Intel-Site, in fact there is no login required at all except to your Utopia account. The moment you enter your Province on the server you will be automatically able to access the intel stored by your Kingdom. Your intel and any intel you gather will be automatically sent to your Kingdom storage and available to your Kingdom mates. There is also an irc-like chat box at the top of your browser which will replace the ReverbIM chat system, all Kingdom members will join this upon entry to the server and the chat history will persist indefinitely. Any bot notifications will be displayed here as well.

    Some side notes to mention as they are still in development: there will be some form of administration to allow blocking of provinces from KD intel storage (we recognize the need for this and are still fleshing out exactly how this will function), we expect there will be methods to add additional chat areas (tabs) to allow private rooms or areas for bot spam etc, the KD-Site administration area will also allow for customization of notifications/operation info and lastly there will be a method for connecting this chat area directly to your own private discord server and in this way you can be connected to user/in-game chat without being logged into Utopia (via discord) and vice versa.
    Discord Integration:
    Integrating your UtoBot to your private Discord server will be a premium feature. For those that are already familiar with MunkBot will know there were multiple features that required donations to function. These functions are now fully functional for everyone in-game automatically, therefore UtoBot will be a complete fully functional tool for all Kingdoms directly in-game as part of the regular game experience.
    If you would like to integrate the in-game UtoBot chat and commands to your private Discord Server you will need to enable that as a premium feature. For now, to do this you must contact DavidC via Discord or in-game message to the province in (1:1). We believe the value of this feature will be around 60 credits, however, we want to earn your trust in us that we will deliver on our promise to continue updating the in-game UtoBot to be better and better. We know there are shortcomings currently and are actively working to enhance the functionality and make it more user friendly. To this end, for Age 80 we would like to offer the Discord integration for 30 credits instead while we continue to work through our first age of live integration and improvements.

    How to Integrate UtoBot/IntelBot to your Discord:
    PM DavidC in Discord or in-game in Kingdom (1:1)
    If PM'ing via Discord include your support ID
    Have the 30 credits in your account so that I can consume them and enable your Kingdom
    Once enabled:
    The Monarch of a Kingdom will automatically have Admin status within your Kingdom
    You will have instructions from the Intel-Site admin area on how to link your Discord, if you need further help please contact DavidC or post in Discord and someone will help (until I can put together a complete tutorial)

    UtoBot/IntelBot important info:
    Currently there is only one admin for the Kingdom and that will be the Monarch
    Once a Kingdom has a Monarch or when the Monarch changes, the admin permissions will automatically change
    We plan to work out a method to provide other levels of permissions but for now we want there to be complete control of Kingdom intel to one person, the Monarch

    I hope that I have explained this well, we are very excited to complete this integration and look forward to all the possibilities this now offers to Utopia!
    As for gameplay changes, as mentioned we wanted to shake up the races/personalities and instead of recreating the wheel we've decided to utilize some of the ideas and suggestions from users (thank you everyone who participated and let us know your thoughts!) along with taking some concepts from past Utopia ages.

    As always, we encourage new Kingdoms looking to form their own private Discord server and to visit our Template Kingdom Server that illustrates the potential features provided by Discord for your Kingdom. Join the MUGA Discord for all the details (link below)

    Please join us for some discussion on Discord:

    Age 79 End Schedule

    Age 80 Revised Changes: February 2, 2019
    Age 80 Final Changes: February 3, 2019

    Age 79 End: Saturday February 2, 2019 @ 00:00 GMT
    WoL Age 80 Open: Saturday February 2, 2019 @ 12:0018:00 GMT
    WoL Age 80 Start: TuesdayWednesday February 0506, 2019 @ 18:00 GMT

    Age 80 Final Changes

    - Update start of age from Tuesday to Wednesday (Monday Feb 5 @ 19:20)
    - Clarify Faery spellbook to include Tree of Gold (Monday Feb 5 @ 19:42
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