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Thread: Return to the old ways ... winds amid the mountains ...

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    Return to the old ways ... winds amid the mountains ...

    I suggest a return to the old and good ways of 72 hour protection time and no 1,000s of credits ... it all seems a bit too rushed amid the mechanics of the game ... the credits and soldiers represent time playing in protection ... why not let us experience the proper preparation time?

    (The new chat and page additions are good, kudos devs)

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    While it was good for most, myself included, a lot of people became bored/quit early when you spend 3 days doing nothing for the most part. The change to one day, when I first had it, felt rushed but now it's just me doing in 1 day what i would have yawned and done in 3. Gets you going faster.

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    They don't seem too concerned about who quits -- at least not too concerned about the majority of us individually. If they did they wouldn't be forcing radical new defaults that can't easily be turned off on all of us.

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