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Thread: Option to disable "UtopiaBot" integration/select your own

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    Option to disable "UtopiaBot" integration/select your own

    Hi there,

    First of all, I want to stress that I applaud the idea to make a more usable game, but with the current implementation you are literally scaring people away. I've seen the complains on discord, in my own kingdom. People don't like being forced :)

    Idea 1.
    I want to make plea for making munk/utopiabot optional. You said it would improve during the age, but at this point it's not making the game enjoyable. The GUI is really bad, it's not intuitive, Ajax-navigation is breaking stuff (though I do like the speed ;)). Also, if it's an "integrated solution", why is the script injected, and changing the layout after loading? This is gonna be very frustrating with doing ops, this jumping of the layout. Make it optional, pretty pretty please. Since it's loaded the way munkbot was loaded until last age, this should be a really easy fix.

    Idea 2. (preferred!)
    Let the user select their own integration options. Up to age 79 you could use munkbot-integration, with setting up the link to your own munk account. This option is now gone, and forced to a specific javascript to inject.
    What I'd like to see is an account-preference to an injectable javascript. So you set it up in your account preferences, and everywhere you login, you have already configured it, without being reliant on cookies.
    I understand that this may sound scary to offer a way to inject "unknown" javascripts into your pages, but you can also make it a static, predefined list, with links to scripts you've vetted, of from people that have earned a reasonable amount of trust ;)

    (do note: the way munkbot was integrated until this age already left this option open, which I thankfully abused to provide my own customizations to my kingdom ;) (I used 'myurl/myscript.js?' as a "kingdom" name, and I could inject any script I wanted, because everything after the '?' wouldnt be parsed as url.)

    Idea 3.
    Separate layout customizations from intel and chat integration. Seeing how it's one single js-file now this might be quite a hassle.

    Idea 4. (unfavorable ;))
    Let me help out with the integration, haha.

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    I agree wholeheartedly

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    +1 plz

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    Great post, and at the very least this would be an improvement over having munk shoved down our throats.... provide, of course, the option to totally opt out is still present.

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    Couldn't agree more

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    I agree it should be optional but probably won't happen since they chose to monetize the bot to Discord idea.

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    Here Here - completely agree that this features needs to be optional.

    I think having this is great: new KD's, new players are going to get the great gaming experience many of us have experienced through the use of our own customized tools that have been developed over the years - maybe not as good, but at least they get a "base" service.

    This helps level the playing field: now everyone has a database storage tool - this is something new KD's starting out years ago did not have.

    But again, for the sake of your CORE PLAYERS - who have kept this game alive - please make this optional.

    I hate to admit this: but after 15+ years of playing Utopia I'm now, for the first, time forced to use an ad-blocker to get rid of munk crap. You're now making a lot less advertising revenue as a result. Others are going to do this too. You have to open your eyes to this potential loss.

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    Having Munk the way it is now is like Obamacare. Forced down our throats and only benefit a few while being a total failure for most. If the devs are dead set on implementing it, at least give the people who don't want it the option to turn it off instead of us having to use 'alternate methods' to turn it off.

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    Please, for the love of Mehul, let me toggle off the munkish overlay. Among other things, at least prevent the little popup box thingy from blocking the Forum link.

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    OP has the perfect suggestion. Please make this happen. munk is a great OPTION for people...shouldn’t be forced.

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