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Thread: Donīt close the door!

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    Donīt close the door!

    Why don't you take me into the core?

    So after randoming into several kingdoms in past 3 days, feel like a voice in desert. Thus far have only stumbled into "total kingdoms" - Munk and Discord MANDATORY!, talk about race/personality assignment and preferences, activity a must etc. "We have a warring setup and have set our aim high, so you just holding a vacant spot to somebody who really wants to work with us." etc etc. (Sic!) Noone asks "You play?", or is it just a symbolic function of that question. I understand they all preparing for some another awesome age in wilderness and donīt want to exasperate by just hiding the fact, that this is not what i am searching from this game.

    So to all vaudevillain KD-s, i need a spot, where i excel the most (for this age so to speak) - Donīt have activity, will probably log in twice a week; will pick a combination what will be laughed at; wonīt follow orders; all in all iīll be a lousy kdmate to those who want to achieve something from this age. Just going to play a wench province, although a radiant image what attracts some Utopia maitres, so they could be free from introspection.

    "Cras-cras" ait corvus, mutabo colorem! "Total kingdoms" - these are uniform monkeys on one branch literally, no condition describes them as that, they can be a staircase or a manual how to make balloon animals - gold is gold if it is 79.

    Just PM and send invitation if there is such kingdoms who are taking age off and wonīt bother with being in bewilderment of jonahs, we wonīt have a chat, no swivet of picking up a poison, cause our trust issues are already vanished as our expectations will be non-existent.

    If it is really true, and there is truth in it, although there are also other truths, then it only intensifies the tragedy.

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    you would have an easier time randoming into this kind of ghetto,,,, after all what chance is there that a ghetto with no goals at all come in here reads this and wants to waste time inviting someone that won't be useful in the future.. assuming that they do have in mind a future where they actually want to have goals again; baring that why would they even bother?
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    Time to realise iīve lost this fight, "So to all vaudevillain KD-s, i need a spot, where i excel the most "(for this age so to speak)"", but iīm never giving up i got to try.

    Deary dairy, broke its imponderable head kicking a wall, no secret door found - lolling dwarves got that retribution in this age clownade.

    Declining sinusoid movement.

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