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Thread: Faeries for 24/7 KD-wide Revelation all age?

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    Faeries for 24/7 KD-wide Revelation all age?

    Since people no longer need to combine Paladin + a race that has revelation, any Faery can now do this to keep 30% more scientist generation up for the entire KD. Maybe 2-3 Faeries keeping it up the entire age will add up to quite a big boost in science in the long term. Worth doing?

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    Did you miss that the only race with access to cast self spells on others are Elf and that since Elfs can't get revelation due to it beeing Faery and Human only would not be possible to spread on kingdom fellors?
    Furthermore I think Carthage should be destroyed and Dryads brought back to the game

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    Madchess, politeness is important in life. ryvrdrgn 14 your idea is a good one except, yes, the races and personalities dont suite it. There are always so many changes to this game it is easy to become muddled. Glhf. Live long and prosper.

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