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Thread: Worst kingdom of all time?

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    Tldr version: Sinners

    Can a mod just sticky this post, will save everyone time
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    Quote Originally Posted by flogger View Post
    My favorite hoh win was the age we invented the 125% BE pump and farmed Rage for 30k despite being 60k acres smaller and hoh ended up winning by 70k.
    This was one of the last ages I played, but man I remember that pump, was that the most pumped any kd in this game has ever been lol? I remember we were so fat for so freaking long stocking up, and then had like a week long FW on top of that for that pump where we went up to like 80% homes and changed that full build twice in last 42h to come out at like 145% BE with low enough peasants where natural BE would be half that, and like 5 more epa than any normal max pumped province could ever have :P

    Also nice to see that whenever I come back to check out a game I haven't played for nearly a decade, I can still immediately jump into the conversation because people are talking about stuff that also happened ages ago.

    Legit surprised how fast all the abbreviations and details come back though, stuff that I thought was totally gone and forgotten from my mind.
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    It hasn’t been a decade!

    And for a while there, everyone was pumping that deep (or close to it). After you left. With that many homes, the birthdate could get faster than the peasant decay rate so some kingdoms would log every tick while drafting and aid soldiers back and forth to speed up draft rates

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