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Thread: The do's & dont's of eowcf

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    The do's & dont's of eowcf

    Hey guys. Returning player here, I havent played actively since age 3. Off and on throughout the years. I'm back now, and I like the changes for the most part, but man has it changed. We have had 2 wars now and after the first I butchered the eowcf, not understanding what it was really. Pretty much ran my war build right on through it, which snowballed into a less than optimal province for our next war. 2nd eowcf was better, but there were still details I didnt understand like wage rate etc.

    So what Im asking for is eowcf tips( better yet a complete noob guide for eowcf) to execute the best eowcf period possible as a heavy attacker.

    Thanks much.
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