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Thread: QOL Suggestions

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    QOL Suggestions

    Here are some QOL suggestions that I think most people would appreciate:

    1. Allow build tool to be used on the Raze tab (currently only works on Build tab).
    2. Add a MAX button on the Science page (similar to the Military page)
    3. Thievery/Sorcery page - when an Operation is selected, the province list should show some details. For example for intel ops like SoT it should show next to their province name how old the last SoT is.

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    1. Wtf is a build tool?
    2. I agree.
    3. I disagree as the information is generally findeable on the target/enemy Kingdom Page with color coded (annoyingly not entirely accurate) text. The clicking about the screens is meant to symbolise your movements about the castle from which you control your Province... hence the text describing each (most) of the sidebar pages ... you descend into an underground area of your castle ... etc... this game could be played all from just one screen anyway -but i dont think that it should...

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