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Thread: Allow full t/m ops outside of war so we can fight equal

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    Allow full t/m ops outside of war so we can fight equal

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    I like the idea, more options would create more fun IMO ... as for the Attacker to TM situation ... i believe it is like when you op that player and there is nothing they can do to stop you - the riots and greed and stolen resources are something an Attacker would be unable to stop ... like when an Attacker Traditionally Marches (farms) a TM... what do mice think of us? People i mean ... do they want to rape us and steal our belongings? Probably... i agree that ops should be available at all times ... i also like the concept of penalties for hitting into Wars being lessened... more strategic fun ...
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    I would make them available from Unfriendly but not all times, having them available at all times would just lead to griefing etc.
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    sure. lets allow multis (we all know they exist) to ms and op some poor sap who land grabbed their main.

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