Thank you to everyone who voted in the Best Kingdom Theme contest this age and a special Thank You to all the kingdoms who participated! It was very entertaining looking at all the themes we had this age. Voting was very close with only 13 votes separating first and third places.

In third place, we have The Failures At Everything, 8:4!
In second place, we have Bond 007 Plays Utopia, 8:12!

And in first place, who will receive an age-long hostile meter, free UtoBot Discord integration for next age, a province rename gift for each province, and a Kingdom Taunt for the Monarch and both Stewards, What Devs Did Wrong, 7:12! CONGRATULATIONS to that kingdom!

What a fantastic kingdom name to segway into our next announcement, the first step for new next age changes! A new Discord channel has been added for Age 81 Suggestions and we've already received some amazing and comprehensive suggestions, so please join us in there and voice your opinions.

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