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Thread: Spellsharing support spells

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    Spellsharing support spells

    Hey there,

    Could someone please confirm that with these changes spellsharing of support spells is basically only the 'basic' spells every race already has?
    Like from the list of spells, for example Elf has Mages Fury, it's not on the support list .. so you cant spellshare it?!
    Same for Human Cleric, it cant spellshare rev?

    Please confirm that the currently posted support-spell list is complete and that I've interpretted it correctly. (if I have, wow, bummer, that takes out a lot of fun combos!)



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    Guess we'll wait till we can actually cast.
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    Correct me then, instead of being a dick about it.
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    I'm guessing the list is what spells you can cast on kd fellors, it is the most official thing we got so far and was in the changes before the final ones so there is no reason to believe that is not what was intended.
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