Greetings Utopians!

We are pleased to announce an addition to MUGA Support team, Sassy_Wolfie. She will be taking on the additional responsibilities of Game Operator alongside Roxiator, Bishop and the rest of the MUGA team! She will be assisting with Support and enhancing our ability as a group to provide the timely response you expect from the MUGA team. With this addition we expect customer service levels to be increased to an even higher standard. Sassy_Wolfie’s passion and dedication to enhancing the Utopia community and promoting a healthy gaming environment for everyone to enjoy will be felt by us all.

As most of you know Sassy_Wolfie has been contributing to several areas of Utopia already and is ready to take us to the next level. We expect a lot of good things in the near future and Sassy will be an integral part of their success.

Let us all take a moment to congratulate Sassy_Wolfie as we prepare to step into a new age of Utopia, literally and figuratively

Congratulations Sassy_Wolfie and welcome to the MUGA Team!

You can welcome Sassy_Wolfie in this thread here!