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Thread: Old Returning Player, Crooner and Female at that! :)

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    Old Returning Player, Crooner and Female at that! :)

    So glad to see this game still exists! Looking for a kingdom -- returning female player ready to create a ballad as great as the wars of the past.

    Used to play from when this game first began, created by Mehul, to almost over a decade. Played for SLEEPY, Monks and Absalom just to name a few. Than life took over and took a very long hiatus from my addiction to this game. That addiction was so great that I got my brothers involved in the game and my new husband. As well as held accounts in Battlefields and ******.

    Now, quite a bit rusty (where is the Angel and crystal ball? lol) but have massive experience in attacker as well as T/M roles, or whatever the goals of the kingdom (size, networth?). But warring was my fave. I will say this, that RL will take precedence, however, I will give my all. And my commitment is unwavering and true to the deserving. Hope to find old friends and make new ones, whether you are an ally, a kd-mate or an enemy!

    Here is an epic ballad of a war of long ago by the TRM Monks v. KLA, chronicling the KD News and the events of the war. :)

    The Plague War Chronicle

    The night sky broken
    With a sweeping fire
    Of a dragon’s breath
    And demented ire

    Set off to fly
    ‘Gainst the Ravaging Monks
    To halt their advance
    On the KLA front

    With ruby scales,
    And molten breath
    True savage beast...
    Harbinger of death!

    Leading the fray
    Of this Undead horde
    This cursed swarm,
    With their deadly scourge

    Came they to feast
    Upon the realm
    Of warrior monks...
    Of T-R-M

    Halflings and dwarves—
    Oh, what a sight!
    With their sorcerous
    Elven and Fairy might

    Swords unsheathed,
    Battle-axes drawn
    Ready to meet
    The plagued swarm

    Fire and smoke
    Covering the sun
    The first blood drawn
    On Sheena the Nun

    Sleepless growls
    As he watches her fall
    Attacking Thief
    In a melee brawl

    Lion, Purple,
    Furious and Cute
    Mmm, that savage brute...

    Gives no quarter
    To the KLA Thief
    Toppling him down
    With one swift hit

    The giant falls
    as they turn as one
    To look askance
    Seeing Bint take a Monk

    Evil parries
    Whilst 8 charges through
    Creating a way for
    Solid, Ed and Super Noob too

    Robell seeing this
    Cries out to all
    Causing 8 to waver,
    And then to fall

    King Lion turns
    And locks his eyes
    On Khan the nemesis
    And his Halfling spies

    But such two Kings
    Fated destiny set
    Have yet to meet and fight,
    Unto the death

    Alas, PLX tumbles,
    Gravely injured by them
    Outnumbered by S-Girl,
    Star and Trump Organization

    Shadowdale infiltrates
    Whilst Bloody Crimson slays
    The dragon spawn

    But blighted curse,
    The plague of death
    Grips the land
    And all that’s left

    So, a Songbird falls,
    As the black plague rains
    Destroying and ravaging
    her beauty famed

    But blessed chants,
    Runes of hieroglyphs
    Delivers her from
    its deathly grip

    Destroyed, diminished
    Her kingdom rent
    She rises once more
    With the last of her strength

    Taking back her borders
    Toward the South
    As Charm, Cute and Rhe
    Finally hear her shout

    They reconnoiter,
    Then circle ‘round
    Surprising Pimp Daddy
    with his minions found

    Meanwhile the Monks
    Create now their two --
    A Ruby and Gold
    for the KLA crew

    Two dragon beasts,
    Delivering havoc
    T1 giants
    Reduced to plummet

    “No quarter asked!”
    And “None shall be given.”
    Twas KLA’s cry...
    And of our Halfling King

    So, to address
    their offensive prowess
    The T/M Monks
    Meteor’d and NS’d

    Mere Death insufficient
    To kill them all
    The massacres came
    To aid in their fall

    The TRM Halflings
    attempt to recover
    Destroying Undeads...
    one after the other

    Khan the great,
    the Undead Lord
    Sends out a missive
    Of the greatest import

    To the Lion King a
    And his younger brother
    Whilst Katt and Robell
    argued together

    “No quarter given!...’
    twas it not their cry?
    So a ceasefire now
    is a twig in my eye!”

    The Lords at council,
    peace about to be crushed
    As a violation of the treatise
    showed clear distrust

    But the great Halfling King
    and the Undead Khan
    Holds their resolve
    And MP’s till dawn

    Light breaks the mist
    Of the veiling pall
    Reveals the swarm
    Leaving once and for all

    Aye, this be the story
    Of the Plague War Chronicle
    Recounted and told
    By the sojourning trav’ler

    As scribe to my mistress,
    The Songbird fair
    I pen such a tale
    But heed thee, I pray

    For somewhere in the dark,
    In the deepest of night
    The undead awaits
    To prey on your life

    The One KLA...
    And their deadly swarm
    Found they could not destroy
    TF TRM!

    And so to the wise
    And to all other Kings
    Do not underestimate
    Rank or numbered “War Wins”

    For as Sorrow, KLA
    And other kingdoms have found
    The Ravaging Monks
    Are insanely bound

    To honor and valor,
    Strength and resolve
    For none shall overcome
    Such warriors of old!

    ~ Eagilan, Scribe to Lady Songbird, YR7 of The Plague War Chronicles ~
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    Hello songbird. Can you contact me via discord? Nick:thepuncher#8722 as we have a spot for another bird. We can chat and see if this might work for you as we are an all faery war kingdom :)
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    delete double post by mistake.

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    I'd be interested in chatting and possible extending an invite out too. If your interested in exploring more options pm me.

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    Too late khrono :)
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    if you say so

    (The real question is too late for who ;p)
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