A new round of Genesis (105) is set to begin in approximately 24 hours (July 4, 2019 @ 14:00 GMT)
It will last for 4 days.
Tick duration is 5 minutes.

There are no invitations available on this world.

Important variances from WoL to note
Base science book production is 500 / tick
Starting scientists is 10
Scientists produce less books at higher experience levels than compared to WoL
Explore/Build Time/Train Time/Army Attack times are all roughly 50% of normal (WoL)
Acres are generated on Traditional Marches
End of War CeaseFire is 48 ticks
Kingdom Size is 5
Defecting removes 35% of your resources
Overpopulation which prevents attacks occurs at 130%
Thieves no longer function at 140% over max pop
Beginner Protection is 12 ticks (in and out of war)
You can enter or leave Vacation Mode during war or EoWCF
Vacation Mode delay is 1 hour (in and out)

Ritual Info
Base casts required: 15
100% Efficiency casts: 25
Overcasting will grant much larger effects than in WoL
Duration is 80 ticks
Autocast in 48 ticks

Initial Province Stats
Acres: 1000
Soldiers: 14000
Spec Credits: 14000
Thieves: 1000
Wizards: 1000
Peasants: 5000
GC: 900,000
Honor: 3000

Have fun