Been noodling on suggestions throughout the early part of the age. Here's what I have so far, looking for feedback and other suggestions:

Military numbers getting toned down just a bit from this age. Adding some A/T and A/M race/pers.

General changes:

Paradise back on just the t/m personalities. Think it mainly belongs on them as they have less options for growing than attackers.

MS base duration -> 4-10 ticks (currently 5-12 I think?). MS is really strong, and toning it down slightly won't make mystic picked any less. Plus elf is getting bonus casting duration and that plus normal duration of ms would be too much.

SI back to +10%, now on human. SI at 10% was mainly a problem because any cleric automatically gave it to everyone. Now you have to specifically tech in a human/cleric into your comp to get it.

Buff amnesia, now heretic only. Amnesia isn't really used. Buff it and make it heretic only so you have to spend a slot on a heretic to get it.

incite riots now only heretic and bandit. IR is awesome econ control. Tone down its power by restricting it to bandit and heretic.

Support spells: add fanat. Fanat isn't THAT strong and this would give some extra flexibility to some compositions wanting a little extra offense here and there.


Dark Elf

+20% spell damage
Prisoners decay to wizards over time (5%/tick)
Dungeons hold 50 prisoners
80% of enemy casualties are captured as prisoners (usually 66%)
Prisoners fight with 7 strength
80% prisoners return from combat (normally 50%)

-20% birth rate

4/7 elite 8nw 800gc
spellbook: BL, fanat

Got inspired by the prisoners converting to elites this age. I've been looking for a way to let an attacking race sustain WPA some, and this might be a good way to do it. DE is a prisoner focused A/M race. They can gain a lot of prisoners due to the fact that they capture more prisoners in combat and more return from combat, plus the extra casualties from BL. These prisoners are stronger, giving them the offense they need to compete as an attacking race, and then also the prisoners will decay into wizards (Dark Elves enslave the souls of their dead prisoners and use them to power their dark magic), allowing them to sustain WPA somewhat as they hit hard and grow. It loses out on birth rate so it can't abuse the WPA sustain while growing too much for econ.


+1 ospec
+20% sabotage damage
+30% spec credits
can use credits for thieves

-10% income

5/7 elite 8.5nw 850gc
Spellbook: fanat, gluttony

Bocan is my attempt at an A/T focused race. It can attack decently with the +1 ospec and defensive elite, and it gets extra spec creds which can be used to sustain both its spec-based offense and its TPA. It loses out on income because it's expected to sustain via credits mostly.

+25% WPA
+25% combat spell duration
+1 dspec

+15% wages

7/4 elite 9nw 900gc
Spellbook: GP, Chastity

Elf shifts back toward the turtle-y mage, moving casting on mates back over to fae. Extra combat spell duration makes it ideal for long-term control of oponents via MS/chastity/storms/greed/etc. It gets a wages penalty because its dspecs are very efficient compared with the other more defensive t/m-oriented races.

+10% pop
+25% TPA
-50% thief cost
can train elites with credits

+10% casualties

5/5 elite 7nw 400gc
Spellbook: MA, IA, Aggression

Halfling is the turtle-y thief race. Removing the no hospitals penalty in favor of a raw casualties penalty so it can better explore more of the A/T spectrum via hospitals and switching the houses bonus back to a pop bonus so it doesn't have to build homes to be good. Also making its elite smaller but letting it train elites with credits, giving it some more flexibility in war.

+15% income
-15% wages

-15% WPA
+15% enemy spell damage

8/4 elite 10nw 1000gc
Spellbook: QF, SI, Rev, FoK

Partial revert of human back to a few ages ago when it had income and sci bonuses and tanky offensive elite. Balancing the income bonus with wages so EOWCF isn't too OP, and bringing in the sci bonuses via spells. WPA and spell damage penalties to sharpen its weakness to good econ control. Human should be a strong attacker that just gets better as the age goes on and lets a kd center its power around econ control and pushing out dragons.

+15% Battle gains
+10% enemy casualties
Free draft
2/2 soldiers

-15% TPA
+15% enemy sabotage damage

Tuning down orc some from this age since its offense is pretty crazy. Also removing the autofails because those are just lame and shifting its penalties more toward opening it up to heavy thief shelling, which is a good way to deal with it since its extra combat gains give it extra incoming land, making chains less effective. Synergizing the draft bonus more with 2/2 solds and aggression.

8/3 elite 9.5nw 1000gc
Spellbook: BL, Aggression

-25% attack time
+25% birth rate
-25% military training time
+10% OME
Cannot be ambushed

cannot use stables or horses
-15% battle gains

Avian felt a little weak this age. Helping it out by dropping the elite offense but giving it right back with +10% ME. Avian is an efficient, fast attacker, gets free anon (but stil gets honor), and can also fill in its land quickly with the bonus birth rate and training speed, but lacks the raw power of other attackers.

8/2 elite 8nw 800gc
Spellbook: TW

+25% BE
-50% construction cost
+50% building credits
20% of enemy spells and ops fail

+75% food needed

7/5 elite 9.5nw 950gc
Spellbook: GP, TW, IA

Dwarf also feels lackluster this age. Boosting their sturdiness with enemy autofail and TW, making them very hard to pull down. They lack raw offense, but they make up for it in all-around strength and flexibility and sturdiness. The construction cost and building credit bonuses basically give them -50% build time if they choose to accelerate, but leaves the flexibility of doing so or not.

+25% self spell duration
cast spells on mates
+1 mana/tick

-10% pop

4/8 elite 10nw 1000gc
Spellbook: MA, AD, QF, TW, BL, MF, Invis, Rev

Faery swapping with elf to be the cast on mates race, grabbing the +1 mana for itself. Rather than getting all racial spells, it just gets some of the really big spells to go along with its self-spell bonus. It still gets the pop penalty to make up for its strong elite, but the elite gets a lot cheaper due to lack of ToG, which moves over to artisan.

+1 horses
-30% casualties
no food needed
spreads and is immune to plague

-20% sci effect

9/3 elite 10nw 1000gc
Spellbook: AD, Vermin

I still just don't like undead having conversions and all the bonuses and penalties that have to come with it to balance it. Tuning it back to something more simple and straightforward: plague, low casualties, high raw offense, but less scaling due to sci penalty. Undead can hit hard and in particular can reach up and hit those pesky tanky t/ms and spread plague to them, opening them up for your other attackers to hit.


+150% guild land effect
+60% channeling science
+30% rune production

Spellbook: MS, Blizzard, Paradise
Starts with: 800 wiz

About the same as this age, mystic is about duration damage and mainly MS.

+75% TD land effect
+60% crime science
+1 stealth/tick
+20% NS damage
Access to GA, AW, Prop

Spellbook: Paradise
Starts with: 800 thieves

A little adjustment to rogue. Instead of the guilds bonus, it gets a bonus to NS damage. This lets it still be a very strong superthief, but also lets it explore a bit in the A/T direction and be focused more on NS for thief damage when you don't have the TPA to land AW and prop.

+50% TD land effect
+25% income and crime sci
+25% gains on plunders, robs, and kidnaps
-50% merc cost
Mercs fight at 7 strength
Converts some mercs to thieves on successful trads and plunders
Access to GA, SWH, incite riots

Spellbook: Gluttony, Vermin
Starts with: 400 solds and creds, 400 thieves

Bandit is my proposal for an A/T personality. Mainly bonuses to stealing stuff and mercs. Steal gc so you can buy cheap mercs and hit hard with those stolen horses and convert the mercs to more thieves for some TPA sustain. Also gets IR for extra econ control ability along with the robbing.

+50% guild land effect
+50% TD land effect
wiz don't die on failed spells
+35% channeling, crime, and cunning sci
Access to GA, incite riots

Spellbook: ET, NM, FG, Amnesia, Paradise
Starts with: 400 wiz, 400 thieves

Heretic feels a little underwhelming this age except in a NM-focused comp. Give it some additional flexibility with ET, stronger amnesia, GA and IR and TD bonus and sci rather than raw WPA/TPA to give more scaling TPA and thief losses, focusing it more on being a T/M rather than a hybrid.

+50% guild land effect
-30% casualties
Immune to plague
cast support spells on mates
+20% channeling, shielding, and invocation sci

Spellbook: AD, DS, Wrathful Smite, IS, PF, ET
Starts with: 400 solds and creds, 400 wiz

Cleric is an A/m kind of personality that focuses on casualties and supporting mates. It's sturdy with DS, IS, and some shielding sci bonus, it can be a ritual slave with extra invocation sci, it casts spells on mates, it has WS and PF. Lots of utility and sturdiness without a whole lot of raw power.

-15% attack time
+40% siege sci
Accurate intel

Spellbook: War Spoils, CS
Sarts with: 800 solds and credits

Giving tact more tactical options with WS, and increasing its siege sci instead of it getting building creds. Tact is all about grabbing land.

Immune to income penalties
+15% econ sciences
+10% land effect all buildings

Spellbook: ToG, Ghost Workers, RM
Starts with: +1 scientist, 400 solds and creds

A bit of a rework of artisan toward all-around power instead of just better econ. Also gets RM to mitigate some econ control if it is used in more of an econ-oriented fashion. Somewhat of a hybrid of old sage and something more buildings-focused.

+10% OME
+30% tactics sci
+15% gains on massacres
-25% casualties on conquest attacks
improved conquest range

Spellbook: Aggression
Starts with: 800 solds and creds

Tweaking warrior back to more raw offense focused rather than training time (which I'm giving more to war hero). It gets a lot of raw power and can be a t/m-buster with better CQ ability and stronger massacres.

War Hero
+100% honor bonuses
Prisoners convert to elites over time (5%/tick)
Convert specs to elites
+35% valor and heroism sci

Spellbook: Hero's inspiration (PI renamed)
Starts with: 800 elites

Adjusting war hero to be more of the "reload" attacker personality. Conversions, bonuses to draft speed and training speed, and prisoners converting to elites, plus PI, let it reload its offense very quickly throughout war, and also give it a very fast start.