First Utopian Problems ~ age 83 Virtual Kingdom

Avian: warrior - that dwarf is camping.*
Avian: warrior - I'm not fat.*
Avian: tactician - my army's back.

Dwarf: artisan - old school, baby.
Dwarf: cleric - ask the faery.*
Dwarf: cleric - after the undead attack.*

Elf: heretic - it stacks with gold dragon.*
Elf: mystic - chastity is usually better.*
Elf: rogue - every wave is Christmas.

Faery: heretic - hard days nightmare.
Faery: mystic - rogues first guys.
Faery: mystic - who gave unfriendly?*
Faery: cleric - what is it now?*

Halfling: heretic - I'm not farming honor.*
Halfling: rogue - mystics first guys.*
Halfling: rogue - I didn't know they were Emeriti.*

Human: tactician - check the espionage page.*
Human: tactician - They both cost mana.*
Human: war hero - just tank the dragon.

Orc: artisan - metrosexual ogres.
Orc: artisan - I forgot the guard stations.*
Orc: warrior - I'm not SUPPOSED to be chained.*

Undead: war hero - honor is my science.
Undead: war hero - trailer trash elitists.
Undead: cleric - I've run orc mystic to.*

Hello, and welcome to age 83 Virtual Kingdom.

Seeing the changes, there were no reasons to switch builds from 82. Since I'm not playing I figured I'd just post the general array without going through division segmenting. If elves could cast Clear Sight on others I'd have shuffled things up.

Take care and enjoy the game.