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Thread: Quitting after 20 years.

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    I dont see how smaller kingdoms would make more leaders. You have a lack of people wanting to lead is it now and there isnt huge difference in leading 15 man kingdom than a 25 man kingdom. But suddely all these leaders would pop out of nowhere willing to lead all the supposed kingdoms that would be created?

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    I think the argument with smaller KD sizes, is you have more KDs, thus a greater range of skill. Meaning the low end leaders can compete with each other more reasonably, building a larger competitive base will build more leaders.

    As is, it's near impossible to start leading or build a kingdom from scratch. The barrier to entry and skill level is too high, for the most part. Also, actually getting to 22 stable provs without some crazy luck is impossible for spontaneous kingdoms or random filled kingdoms.

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    Damn oldies..still talking about Utopia..get a life!!

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    Just read that age is called Bethink the Fray



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