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Thread: Account for KD size (#provinces)

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    Account for KD size (#provinces)

    There's not always the same number of provinces in a kingdom. This is often an excuse to avoid war. Perhaps a gains mod may make it more fair and hopefully encourage more war between different 'size' kingdoms.
    (Size here means province numbers, not land or networth, smaller means fewer provinces, bigger means more provinces).

    Suggested Metric: ( 1 - [smaller province number / bigger province number] ) / 2

    If divided by 2, apply it only to the bigger kd hiting into smaller kd. My examples do it this way.
    Otherwise, divide by 4 and apply both ways, reduced gains hitting down and increased gains hitting up.

    (I'd love to see this tested on genesis next time it has larger kd sizes)

    Example 1:

    Kingdom A has 23 provinces. Kingdom B has 17 provinces
    relative-roster-size metric: (17/23 = 0.739), (1 - 0.739 = 0.26), (0.26/2 = 0.13)

    So, 13% reduced gains mod for the more numerous kd hitting into the less numerous kd.
    alternatively, halve this to 6.5% and make it a boost for smaller kd and nerf for bigger kd

    Example 2:

    Kingdom A has 6 provinces. Kingdom B has 11 provinces
    relative-roster-size metric: (1 - [6/11]) / 2 = 22.7%

    Given nearly twice as many provinces I think a significant mod is great.

    Other Common Examples:

    18 v 22 --> 9%
    21 v 23 --> 4%
    19 v 20 --> 2.5%
    24 v 25 --> 2%

    * People can still decide whether they think it is a fair fight, and just factor in this gains mod to their calculation.
    * It allows smaller kingdoms and groups of friends to play against the big boys and just have more fun all round.
    * The closer the kds are in number the smaller the modification, and for most normal kingdoms it becomes negligible. (eg 24 vs 25 is 2%)

    * Might need tweaking to avoid OP small-number-province kds.
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    being fewer might not be a disadvantage, we beat a 22 man kingdom, ok 1 defected early in the war and 1 was in VM but we only had 12 provinces, their problem was we had a lot of people way bigger who was mostly oor at the war start, 75 hours war and we was up 1700 acres + bonus for the win.

    The thing is your provinces are much bigger if you are fewer people at the same size. Also limited targets means you are forced to hit a few, and the opponents can target whoever they want and continue to pile acres on the unbreakables unless you invest in taking them down one by one.

    This is the stats.

    ** Summary **
    Total attacks made: 156 (5,535 acres)
    -- Traditional march: 136 (5,311 acres)
    -- Ambush: 7 (224 acres)
    -- Raze: 7 (0 acres)
    -- Massacre: 2 (2,060 population)
    -- Failed: 4 (2.6% failure)
    -- Uniques: 71
    Total attacks suffered: 82 (3,821 acres)
    -- Traditional march: 76 (3,760 acres)
    -- Ambush: 2 (61 acres)
    -- Failed: 4 (4.9% failure)
    -- Uniques: 54
    Furthermore I think Carthage should be destroyed and Dryads brought back to the game

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    I know of at least one KD that has very few provinces and thrives on pestering top KDs and enjoying the protection afforded by the massive NW gap.

    Your proposal would only make that style of play stronger, especially since it only goes one way (unlike the KD-NW differential).

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