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Thread: Returning to the game, searching for a fun kd

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    Returning to the game, searching for a fun kd

    I was explaining to a coworker what utopia was the other day and I realized how much I have missed this game. The last time I played was probably 6 years ago when my kingdom disbanded. I played for 12ish years and was monarch for at least 10 of those years. I would love to come back but I need to find a kd that is willing to do some hand holding until I get the hang of things again. Time wise I am pretty flexible and will likely be around a lot but because of the nature of my job there may be times where I can't drop everything to make an attack. A casual warring kd would probably be great and I am willing to play whatever is needed. If you think I might fit in your kd let me know. I really hope I can find a fun group to play with because that is what I miss the most.

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    Let me know if you still lookin for a KD
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