You know honor, that thing that you accumulate a lot of and then lose almost instantly when you get chained? It used to be a mechanic that rewarded risk-taking and playing fair, but nowadays the best way to gather a lot of it is to sit back behind a strong defense and rain ops on others.

Now, the game has evolved in a way that people canít really sit back and gain honor Ė if people want, they will break you; they just have other strategies, usually. These strategies involve some sort of chaining, which is essentially a fancy name for ganging up on a specific province and destroying it. Some people like this ĖI personally donítĖ but I think we can all agree on one thing: this is very risk-averse (they can only retaliate so much), itís hardly fair to the province affected and, most certainly, it is not honorable.

So my proposal is simple: use a different formula for gangbang protection, specifically for honor, make it much steeper and cap it at 100%. Seriously, where is the honor in hitting a province that literally canít fight back because its troops are locked in and deserting?

I was gonna originally suggest, in fact, that people should lose honor for hitting a badly beaten up province. The only thing thatís stopping me from actually suggesting that is that itís usually attackers doing the deed and, in the long term, this would probably diminish their total honor even further. Alternatively, you can make a heavily hit province gain some honor with each attack, like some sort of pyrrhic victory, but this would probably be abused. I do think, however, that we should recognize and reward the provinces that are built to soak up damage, because this is much more honorable than hanging up on someone.