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Thread: Feedback and Suggestions for Age Changes

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    Feedback and Suggestions for Age Changes

    Revised changes are here!

    Please use this thread to provide feedback (or other suggestions) on the currently posted changes (keep an eye on the change log at the bottom of the post for any changes that might be made to the post).

    You can find the announcement here: Age 86 Revised Changes
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    Why does Dwarf have to get nerfed? Also Rogue should get some kind of comp for the better WT next age..

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    Just remove the science decay. The cap is super low I don't know what the reasoning behind it is, force provinces to grow? That won't happen, for the last ages for the majority of kingdoms the only thing that dictates province size is having enough kingdoms is range to find your next war. And science alone isn't enough of a reason to get ahead of the pack to suddenly find you between the same 5 kingdoms you can war. There just is no incentive to grow if you're in a kingdom that wants to war for fun. To make matters worse for those kingdoms, there now is a penalty for being chained, once war ends you lose science if chained, that's crazy and should be the opposide if you want to encourage teamplay.

    With the 2k books/acre any prov below 2k acres would get in problems (most provs easily have 5 million science, more than the 4 million cap, those putting in the smallest of effort are well over 6 million), currently (tf json dump) there are over 1100 provs below 2k acres (~400 in war, ~700 out of war) that's about half your player base. This is just a slaugher, especially to skilled players that attampt to build a strong province backed by science like for example hybrids and tms (though ts arguably a litte less they tend to be bigger). What this change does is to make every province the same, science was already pretty weaksauce compared to old books, but now it's just a number that ends up in the same range for everyone that isn't going for land crown.
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    Amnesia - Significantly more powerful, unique to Sage (On 11 successful casts you could expect science effectiveness of the target to be reduced anywhere between ~84% - 73%)

    Does that mean after 11 casts, the science effectiveness will be reduced to 84% - 73% or will it be reduced to 16% - 27%?

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    I'll try to keep mine brief and focused this time:

    1. Would like clarification on ubbajabba's question above, thanks for asking that!

    2. Agree that sci decay is still sounding super painful and is devastating for sage. Sage actually looks really competitive without sci decay, but with it even at like 4kbpa sage will struggle to scale like it should.

    3. Still tilted by the overlap of fanat/gp on avian / gp on dwarf and fanat/gp on cleric. It's annoying to have duplicate spells. Would prefer to see something like TW on avian or even war spoils from WH. Dwarf can just get a straight DME bonus or boost its BE bonus to lean even harder into either its building flavor or its tanky flavor.

    4. Artisan is back to being pretty underwhelming. The bonus credits is cool but it lacks power. Is it supposed to use all those credits to do a bunch of fast build swaps somehow? Maybe this could work but it's gonna be tough. The significantly boosted flat rate production made it actually have some serious punch.

    5. Heretic still feels one-dimensional really and I'd love to see a TD boost instead of -thief losses, but it will still see good play as is so I suppose it's fine.

    6. Rogue feels ever so slightly weak back to last age values, especially given the WT buff, but was too strong with +2 stealth. Give it a modest but meaningful bonus like -30% thief cost.

    7. WH still feels very underwhelming compared to tact and warrior. If they don't hold honor, they kinda suck. Dragon immunity is ok, but the choice for a kd between sending a dragon and just training with their gc is already a close call, so it doesn't feel that meaningful to have WHs in your kd and make the choice for them. If dragon immunity is to be a really strong buff, dragons need to be even stronger, like a 15% across the board hp buff to them or something. That would make it always better to aggressively fund dragons and wh would be the deterrent to the clearly best strategy. Alternatively, give them back conversions and lower the honor bonus and they'll be really nice again. Or maybe add draft rate bonus like they've had before. They're looking to be nicely heading in a "reload" attacker direction which is where I've wanted to take them for ages now.
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    1. Boo to science decay! Booooo
    2. I'd also like TW on Avian.
    3. Boo to science decay
    4. Rogue doesn't look strong, given the WT boost, and Heretic seems like a niche personality.
    5. No science decay
    6. I agree on the dwarf and cleric nerf.
    7. Science decay delenda est.

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    1. BOOOOO. Yeah. Boo.
    2. Avian pretty decent already. TW too much for it. Maybe give it an offensive spell, like Vermin? Or just give it War Spoils.
    3. For Rogue: make all intel cost 1% stealth.
    4. Dwarf needs a little boost. More BE would be great or +1 specs.
    5. Cleric needs a little something to make it sexier. -35% casualties would do it.
    6. Heretic, well. Hmm. Nerf the guilds bonus to 75% and give it some bonus damage on sabotage and sorcery instant?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ooopsie View Post
    Just remove the science decay. The cap is super low I don't know what the reasoning behind it is, force provinces to grow?
    It's a knee jerk reaction to Darren et al who have been acquiring absurd amounts of science on small province sizes and then growing them to challenge the top kingdoms. Most of them quit last age when their books were administratively removed but the 1% would like to make sure it never happens again. Poor Memster was so nervous. His heart can't take it. You understand.
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