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Thread: Where is TWP? Shimmy needs a home.

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    Where is TWP? Shimmy needs a home.

    Tom, where you at bro?

    Long time no speak - let me know if you guys are still about.

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    Hey Shimmy!

    As far as I know and have gathered, the TWP you know died out.
    After a few ages of no TWP being around, a new KD took up the name. I think I have seen some familiar ruler names there from time to time, but even the new TWP eventually fell apart I think - at least they haven't tagged up last few ages, though their KD banners still includes some Wolves now and then.

    Some former members of the "new" TWP (Not ours), was gathered in 2:8 last age.
    If you wish more info, try joining the MUGA discord server and ask in the #Wolfpack-public channel
    (Forums are pretty dead these days)

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    Which Tom? Im Tom...
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