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Thread: Faery Artisan Viable?

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    Faery Artisan Viable?

    Wondering what your thoughts are on Faery Artisan? can it work?

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    I mean, technically anything could work with Artisan, depends on what you are trying to do with it. Pure explorer? probably a good option. Banks do well too. T/M? There are definitely better personalities to go with, you could probably make it work with some planning an a lot of WT.

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    LuckySports is right in that anything can work. I've run a number of faeries and almost exclusively as attackers. Faery can be magnificent attackers, even with the population deficit. My preference is faery cleric, but artisan has one of the best attacker benefits and that's build advantage.

    Build advantage is huge for avian or dwarf, but great for anyone. The economic advantage of having productive buildings assembled twice as fast as anyone else means you're economy is working for you while others wait. If you accelerate build time you ramp this advantage(more a team sport to lend you gold). So if you erect towers you will start spitting out runes sooner and thus more efficiently.

    The true attacker advantage is your ability to stay efficient. It takes more effort for the enemy to make you fat and vulnerable. You can rebuild faster and cheaper if you're razed in war. This means the enemy has a narrower window to coordinate Nightstrikes and razes, etc.

    To note, I've never played artisan but I have used accelerated build time to reap the benefits that are inherent in artisan. I've run faery attackers and have played what would be known as a killer. I've been capable of breaking top t/ms as a faery cleric against the highest rated war kingdoms and was capable of breaking all but 3 provinces in the #2 land kingdom circa the reappearance of The Faery Circle. All I'm saying is it's viable.

    Good luck.
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