Objective: You, as a player and contributor to the Utopian community, have a chance to spread the word about the game!!! What does this entail on your end? You will receive a gift of 5 Utopia Stickers where you can post them wherever you want to! One catch… you must take a picture of where you post them and send them to the Support Team. Get creative…make it fun…but keep it legal (no posting on police cars). Make sure whatever picture you take and submit, you wouldn’t mind showing your mother!

Here is the layout and rules of the contest:
- Registration: 16 May – 01 June
- “Care Packages” go in the mail June 2nd
- You have until July 15th to submit your photos.
- Voting for most creative picture: July 16-31st
- Winner Announcement: August 1st.

2nd Place Prize: 1 age of GOLD ACCOUNT MEMBERSHIP
3rd Place Prize: 10 credits and a selfie with DavidC

Please contact Tom/Zulu for any information on the contest. More submission details will follow shortly!!