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Thread: SWEA Crowns again! Victory Speech!

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    SWEA Crowns again! Victory Speech!

    "There is no Victory without sacrifice"

    Thorin Oakenshield died so that the Dwarves could once again take and live in Erebor. I saw a youtube clip with a music video that was great:

    And this video clip ended with the words there is no victory without sacrifice but here we are seven years later since SWEA won their last Crown. And we didn't sacrifice jack poop. We never forced anyone to wake up at night, we didn't build barracks as it would screw up our time. We played chill and won War win crown and honor crown, that is a great achievement. I know many people will say winning war crown doesn't matter or honor crown and especially now that the player base is so small. I agree but still there are many try hard kingdoms out there that wake up at night. Play avian tact with rax and godspeed and either set sitter everyday or use kd wide gold account. we did neither and it makes me proud.

    We started this kd 3 ages ago when I talked to Mewnster who said they had 11 swedes playing together. I felt it was time to do something different so I left the infidels in Barcoloco and joining mewnsters kingdom. I took all swedes from Barco with me except one. And we played chill first ages. Then all wanted to compete and we tried with Henrik aka Evil Within as warleader...guy is a beast! Hard to find wars as many dodges or just want to war while they are 15%+ bigger like Carnage. but of course kudos to those kingdoms that actually do take even wars or war kingdoms when they are smaller like Hipmunks and Barcoloco. So Age 85 we said we will try for a more random setup and not the best setup we think which is kinda lame that we had to choose a semi ok setup instead of the best just so people would not be afraid. And i think that decision with perfect teamwork led to us crowning with minimum effort and no burn out what so ever. Only thing dull is that we couldn't retal when we wanted, we had something to protect so we had to play without our brains rather than our heart and genitiles.

    I want to thank SWEA The Gravel Guys edition for giving me lots of joy by crowning again. People said last time we crowned that SWEA would never crown anything again. Well now 7 years later I can say you were all wrong :D
    So I would like to take 5 minutes to write a little about each teammate that crowns which is a little tradition that i have when we crown so that it is mentioned in the history of utopia! Maybe some of these guys will come back in 7 years and read this thread and remember how much fun we had in the voice chat or when we messed up Kormis honor crown by thinking age ended one hour earlier suiciding on people. so here it goes.

    Henrik aka Enemy Within: I think I speak for the whole kd that we couldn't have done it without you. Your planning and strategies were spot on through the age. Some of your intial waves were so devestating that the war was won after that first wave. I have been lucky enough to play with Hesus and seen him do some magic but I am equally impressed by how calm and clever you are no matter what happens in the war. It has been an honor to play with you and as SWEA is taking a chill relax age I wish you all the best in your new kingdom and hope you crown again.

    Coffee: I am really looking forward to have weekly or monthly pizza dates with you when I move back to Sweden. I love the passion you still have for the game and the tickly AW or prop and how you pushed us Rogues to do better and remind that it was time to ET or PROP. I excpect you to help me a lot when I but a place in Sweden, you are the handyman of SWEA.

    Jannebananas: The man with the chain saw! I don't know why you have so much love for bananas and i do not want to go into more depth about it. But I had never heard of you before our merger. And that is what I love about this game. Even thou you hadn't played in a decade the mind, the ideas was still there and that passion that I myself had in early 2000. It is nice to see and great to play with you. Enjoy your paternity leave and long may it last so you can play a lot of Utopia!

    Emil: The big CEO! Sucks to lose you next age as you are so busy due to Corona. Not easy running a company and play hardcore utopia. In the last 3 ages you have evolved so much and corrected me many times when I was about to make a mistake. You also added all the pepe emotes and we are having so much fun with them. Even if you are a benchwarmer this age I want you to add many pepes and hope you can join us midage and that your fingers for utopia is itching! But I will respect your time off! I am envy at your beard man, wish i could have a massive one like that!

    Kormi: Also left us this age to play more competetively. you will be missed. I love hating on you and bring you down. And i know you love to tease me with your muslim jokes or if you really hate them I don't know. I wish you all the luck and I once again apologies that I cost you the honor crown. I honestly thought it was the last hour of the age and we did all the ops and attacks buth sigh...1 hour to early. you would have won the honor crown if it wasnt for me. But we had a big laugh about it when you went to bed all angry and upset. It was an honest mistake and we can laugh about it now my friend! Thank you for your help all age!

    Fatcat: So annoying, you make my blood boil but somehow you are like a brother. You piss me off so much but I still love you. You have now taken a break from Utopia and it is so nice and calm in the discord channel but I do miss your criticism, maybe not all of it but you are a great player and did step up when needed and also helped your kd mates when needed. I hope you have some nice time off and enjoy the summer with your kids my brother! Just stop pissing me off man and muslims aren't bad people, not all of them. Keep an open mind!

    Palo: My brother from another mother. I can't wait to meet you irl. You seem like a really fun and nice guy who are as passionated about soft drinks as I am. I would love to have a soft drink tasting with you. Taste all these different soft drinks and rate them. you are a delight to play with and a good player. It sucked when you get ran over by that car messing up your knee but it meant a lot of utopia! I guess you are almost recovered now and will be back to work 100% soon but it better not effect your gameplay!

    Orm aka Fizzloges aka Woodworm: You crowned with me 7 years ago and I called you many times to make you join. The ideas you have man. You are the sheldon cooper of Utopia, just with more crazy ideas than good ones. Lets see if you succeed this age when we let you decide setup and gameplay. I still think you are a mathematician with theories only, never work practically. I have played with you since mid 2000. it is fun to see that you barely changed. I just hope you can start sleeping on better times. annoying when you don't know when you will be up or asleep. Will you show up for army or not? But you played well last age! Congrats on the Avian Honor Crown!

    Whakka: I want to thank you for sacrificing your province in the last war. you got chained army home and lost almost all your elites as undead. you didn't whine or cry. You played on. A realy team player. I hope you will have fun this age trying out your own thing in the kd. you can always reset and start something better if you want to.

    Fish: Mr Professor from Holland that speaks swedish and live in sweden. I know it isn't easy for you but I hope you learned a lot of swedish while playing with us. you are a very good player and it sucks that you made a Judas and went with Henrik. It was nice to have you in the kd as you woke up early and kept me company while rest of the swedes were sleeping. I am impressed by your swedish but I guess that is expected when you lived in Sweden for 10 years or whatever, I forgot.

    Sum of Monkeys: Weirdest nickname ever but man we can always trust on you. Never had your number but when summoned you always show up. It is nice playing with you and always do what is best for the kd. I like how you put the kd first and can play whatever we need. And then you for changing nickname to Sum...much easier to highlight you now! :D

    Bowz: another players that did a Judas in freeze time. I acted all cool and understanding but was fuming! But you are a nice and fun guy and hope you will have a miserable time in your new kd and come back to us next age. Thank you for you effort and that MWPA you managed to summon was nice to have. Keep NM:ing stuff whereever you are.

    Gall: Our own HR manager. You have been busy during Corona Virus time but a solid mystic all age. I love the banners you made. I wish you have more time so you could make more. Keep on posting the food pics but let your wife cook once in a while too. Remember you are a man and have testicles so you gotta show wife you demand her to cook once in a while too!

    Swack: You would be a great Muslim. Man, you get excited by the small things and passionated when you see troops killed. you are a joy to be around. It is like when you play you feel like a kid and just wanna destroy everything. It will be a fun age for you when we will FSU and retal everything.

    Lomme: The huggable Lomme. comes in a package with Lumbo. It is like you are brothers. I was so unsure of letting you join but man that was a great decision. You bring a lot of laughter but also a good player! when you sent me your pic with that cute gay hat it was like, yeah this is exactly how i would picture you! Hope you can join in on our pizza lunch in August!

    Lumbo: Comes in a package with Lomme. Got some OLW Chips titties but we love you anyway. Man, I have never seen anyone get so angry while getting hit. I know you said you were joking but i think you were genuinly pissed and i love it. This age i will not hold you back. Do whatever, live free my bird. spread your wings!

    Koneraten: I really liked you until you said you like your beef medium rare. what is wrong with you man. Beef is supposed to be welldone with no fat och stuff around it. But I will let you stay despite this and it was fun talking to you when I called you. You sounded so stressed, hahaha! you are a hard worker and I hope things get easier. Just like Gall you have been effected a lot by this corona virus doing lots of union stuff. I would hate working with you as I feel many people hide behind the union stuff!

    SlaughterZone: I remember when sonny, may he rest in peace, brought you in Barco. I liked you instantly. So responsible. you are a northener so not a man with many words but when you utter words they are usually smart or hurtful. I hope we get to meet irl, don't worry i will do the talking but you have to hunt me some moose meat. Love that meet.

    Beck: we crowned together 7 years ago. One of the best whorers I know that still plays. To bad whoring is pretty much dead. It was amazing how you didn't get chained as an attacker for 7 weeks. 4 wars in a row and barely an attack. Somehow you managed to stay big every war, well you were a little def whore but you know how to play a prove. I do love the sense of humour and one liners you bring. Picture of you was disturbing as I thought you were fat like me but man you were ripped. :(

    Didde: Another crazy guy. When Banko brought you in i was like ammagad, he doesn't know much but you did and you proved me wrong. And you are a hot guy with tatoos too that humps Mario. but please try to get rid of the tatoos, you won't be allowed into heaven if you have tatoos. If you ever want to burn them off call me so I can come and watch.

    Zandon: I don't understand your love of warheros, that strat won't work. But you seem to think it will. I wish we could have played them this age but maybe next age. It was your first age in SWEA and you played that undead mystic very well. Congrats on the Undead Honor crown!

    Mikey: My estate agent. I will love you forever and ever if you help me buy a house in sweden. It is nice to have someone who is expert in their field. With Coffee being my handyman, Palo being my bankman and you my estate agent it will work out great. People think I wanted to make SWEA for utopia but hey, the connections!! I also like you cause you agree with me on welldone steaks! Lets have a pizza lunch in August!

    Gronkan: The busy guy! Corona must be good for you. Otherwise travelling all the time you were busy busy busy. But still feels like you are busy fixing them trains all over the world. It is nice to see that you are one of the original 11 that stayed put and played competetively.

    Mewnster: Emils companion and genius! you were benchwarmer but jumped in late age after we had to raze kill one of our own. But you managed to play really well and catch up. Hopefully this age you will have even more fun. i am sorry we couldn't play your setup which had potential if all played it. Keep nagging on Emil to join, we need a cleric! Thank for making all this happen Mewn and letting me join the kd. Without your employees and friends it would have been difficult to make SWEA.

    Thank you all for a great age and two crowns. No one was close to our war win points and we deserved it. Also the honor crown we made the best decision for the kd to secure it. Don't be salty Taco and Hobbits. Or actually be, It was fun seeing you NOT caring...biggest bs ever.

    This age we will FSU and we will FSU all of you. No CF, No mercy! You hit we will retal! We have a list where we will write down all who has hit us during the age. So watch out all, we are coming for you!

    Best regards infidels,
    Mansoor The best player ever
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    Mansoor: A dedicated leader with great utopia experience, always wanting the kd to get better. Makes sure everyone knows what to do and when to do it.
    He is like a glue keeping all parts of the kd together. Great peptalks and when needed he puts his foot down and say enough is enough.
    A real rolemodel for utopianplayers when he wakes up in the middle of the night to micro manage his and his fellow utopians kd-buddies provs.
    You really deserved to crown both war win and honor.

    Keep up the good work!
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    Congratulations to team SWEA for WW and honor crown.
    all war crowns takes deliberate planning for size and opponents.
    well played.. looks like a fun group, good luck !
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    Obviously you shouldnt call it SWEA since you have infidels in the kd!


    And beef should at most be medium, well done is for people who lack common sense!

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    Mansoor: Even though you have been the weakest rogue back to back to back, aka 3 ages in row, we tried to teach you, God knows how many times. But we still had plenty of fun. You were the glue as mentioned before, the centerpiece of the kingdom or most hated man, its a fine line between hate and love. You were kind and including, even though you tried to kick me from council every age due to your insecurities, but no man can be perfect.

    Not many believed in you and your vision to make an all Swedish kingdom, but you worked relentless to achieve it and succeeded. I think many of us came closer to each other and crowning was the cream on it. We just need to get the BBQ going and we have the cherry at top were friends for life has been made.
    Thanks for putting down your time and energy so a bunch of middle aged sweds could achieve glory once more in their lifes.

    //Prince Don Kormi the humble.

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    Congrats mansour and team!!!
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    Gratz Mansoor and the rest of SWEA! Haters gonna hate.

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    Poor Mansoor still playing and trying to lead :P
    Congrats for your crown and keep your promise for new age....i want to read drama in forum!
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    who is this ghetto?

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    Sounds noob

    I remember farming you when I last played (it was fun and easy). Game must have really declined for you to win a charity crown

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    mansoor whats up my nigga

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    Big pile of good ol ....
    Kekw pepega
    Dementia 4 Life

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    Glad to see mansoor is still such a humble guy after all those years. The more things change the more they stay the same. Congrats on the crown fellas
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    First time reading the forum in years and I see this.. Is that the same Palo as the old one? If so, welcome back! You should leave before you get addicted again bro :P (Ps, years ago i uploaded the utopia rap-song to youtube (I didnt make the song though) and there is a comment about you looking for a girlfriend in that video. I dont remember why I wrote it but I do hope you found one! :)

    Congrats to the honorcrown by the way :P

    I pray to god I never play again! Inshallah.

    edit: seems uploading pictures dont work..
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    it's my very good honour to meet you and you may call me V.

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    Haha i remember that song. I did find me a girlfriend and she's very okay with me spending time on Utopia so that's a keeper :D

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