The scene is set, war has been declared and the undead hordes are pit against armies of dwarves, avians and elves. As the peace has been fractured and the quiet calm of the day to day has been shattered, the armies are given their marching orders. Many different elements come into play and the strategies are executed in the hope that they are the correct ones to defeat the enemy.

23 provinces apiece, the game is on!

Answers from Checkmate:

How did the war begin, arranged or wave?

Arranged. Organized very early. We have fought them several times before, so a rematch this age was always likely to happen at some point.

How did the war go, what went well/not so well?

Well from our perspective, and more or less as we expected. We knew they would have an economic advantage throughout (and they managed to send three dragons) but our attackers out-attacked theirs, and undead are simply more powerful and durable than avian at this point in the age. War stats at the bottom.

Any highlights of the war/shout-out to players in the KD?

Everyone did their jobs superbly, especially our new joiners, and our war strategist (Honest Politician Gambit) planned things fantastically.

Any statements from yourself on the war/goals of the age?

Our plan for the age is the same it is always. War as many times as possible. Win most of them.

Answers from Marvel Universe:

How did the war begin, arranged or wave?

War began arranged prior to age start since we both the same size. We wanted to give it a shot against an undead core during an OOP war to see what we had under the hood in the kingdom.

How did the war go, what went well/not so well?

Overall, the war went as we thought it would. We were able to use our econ advantage to pump out several dragons and get a good chunk of their attackers to a manageable point. But the undead conversion in an OOP all specs war was too much for us as we were not able to get the troop releases/econ advantage you want. Kudos to Checkmate for the overall undead setup for an OOP war, it will be interesting to see that works in the middle/end of the age as that was why we didn't go undead core.

Any highlights of the war/shout-out to players in the kd?

Shout out to Reti Unopening. Hes a Baller

Any statements from yourself on the war/goals of the age?

Looking to keep ourselves in the Top 20 this age. We faced some serious kingdoms in the top 10 last age that taught us a lot of hard lessons.


Total attacks made: 394 (10,375 acres)
-- Traditional march: 360 (10,104 acres)
-- Ambush: 7 (117 acres)
-- Conquest: 11 (154 acres)
-- Raze: 9 (0 acres)
-- Massacre: 1 (400 population)
-- Failed: 6 (1.5% failure)
-- Uniques: 162
Total attacks suffered: 368 (9,529 acres)
-- Traditional march: 362 (9,525 acres)
-- Ambush: 1 (4 acres)
-- Raze: 4 (0 acres)
-- Failed: 1 (0.3% failure)
-- Uniques: 145

** The kingdom of 7:3 **
Total land exchanged: +846 (394/368)
+199 Reti Un Opening (22/16)
+172 Indie Dark Knight Defense (7/2)
+164 Aussie Spoon Defence (19/15)
+158 Kamikaze rook game (17/9)
+148 Jailbait Gambit (30/15)
+122 Rook shields defense (8/2)
+106 Honest Politician Gambit (22/20)
+101 French Surrender Defence (11/5)
+87 Gummy Bears Opening (13/5)
+75 The German SGE Defense (25/20)
+73 32 Piece Pick Up (24/29)
+28 King to E4 Opening (14/6)
+3 dada gambit (13/12)
-6 Kings Raw Dog Gambit (12/9)
-18 The Horned Rat Opening (22/23)
-24 The French Maid Defence (20/25)
-26 The Guardians Castle (6/5)
-29 The Great Emu War Gambit (17/21)
-86 The Fischerle Delirium Gambit (21/26)
-90 Sprinkled-Feta Defense (23/36)
-95 Bulging Bishop Accepted (23/34)
-107 HaeIn CounterGambit (5/8)
-109 Trump Team Defence (20/25)

** The kingdom of 5:3 **
Total land exchanged: -846 (368/394)
+89 Buck Rogers (11/8)
+67 Ancient One (15/12)
+50 War Machine (12/8)
+48 Heimdall (16/13)
+22 Quicksilver (16/16)
+20 Lady Sif (15/13)
+5 Star-Lord (22/16)
-15 Deadpool (19/13)
-19 Eitri The Stormbreaker (19/22)
-22 Winter Soldier (20/21)
-34 Yondu (21/18)
-44 Iron Man (25/23)
-45 Colossus (14/14)
-46 Wiccan (12/15)
-58 Agent 22 (18/16)
-69 Thor (25/25)
-75 Doctor Strange (14/16)
-99 LoudJerkwhobeatupSteveRogers (22/33)
-106 Groot (29/61)
-115 Insane Pretty Pepper Potts (7/9)
-126 Captain America (11/8)
-131 The Punisher (5/8)
-143 Black Widow (0/6)