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Thread: INTERVIEW: Sadira sits down with FFW

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    INTERVIEW: Sadira sits down with FFW

    Hello Utopians, I am sitting on my stoop watching the rain outside when FFW, leader of Merciless, came to sit beside me and have a talk with me.

    (S) Morning, FFW. Been keeping busy during this Covid19 crap?

    (F) Been a little slow to be honest. Some of us being front liners mean we have less time dedicated to the game.

    (S) I personally thank all of you essential workers for putting up with us slackers. Let’s start with some basic stuff. How long have you been playing Utopia?

    (F) I’ve played on and off from age 7. So many many years I guess. This is probably the longest I’ve played utopia consecutively since age 72. It’s great to see how the game changed over the years and how much simpler the mechanics are today

    (S) Do you feel it is too simple?

    (F) Personally, I don’t feel it’s too simple. Some mechanic changes actually force the strategies which were once stale to evolve again so there is still complication in today’s simplicity.

    (S) How did you get into Utopia?

    (F) From a neopets ad. I was a kid back then and I saw ok maybe I press this and see where it goes.

    (S) Are you serious??

    (F) Absolutely

    (S) That is too precious. Do you play other games? What games?

    (F) I play DotA2, elsword, maplestory from time to time, Warcraft 3, Starcraft 2 and Hearthstone

    (S) Does your significant other hate that you play utopia? Have you tried to get them into playing?

    (F) Well at the moment I’m a proud bachelor so I can’t answer that question

    (S) Can always find love thru Utopia. Would you like to give a shout out to any past kds you have played for?

    (F) Probably Bodega of Lotus since it was the only kd that I would remember for life

    (S) I remember that kd. Who do you feel you learned the most about this game from?

    (F) It’s probably the fact that there’s no eternal friends or enemies only mutual benefits

    (S) That is an interesting statement, would you like to elaborate?

    (F) There are players I’ve sworn never to trust in my life but definitely some have come to my aid when interests are aligned. Can’t really go into too much details or I’d be openly flaming them haha

    (S) Would you say you play this game strictly for the competition and challenges?

    (F) I wouldn’t. I just play it with people I get along with since it’s something I do with my spare time

    (S) How long have you played in Merciless?

    (F) I was part of the founding crew in age 75 which didn’t go too well so we reformed in 79. I guess all the ages we’re around for.

    (S) Has the kd always been called Merciless?

    (F) Yes absolutely

    (S) Any back story to how it got its name?

    (F) In age 75 we didn’t know what to call ourselves since we never decided on it. So we put it to a kd vote at the time. I decided we should be no mercy based on the song from the living tombstone. Zhogun another part of founding council said why not merciless. So we put it to a kd vote and merciless won. The name was really liked by the crew at the time since everyone just wanted to fsu

    (S) It is a catchy name. How would you describe your kd and your kdmates?

    (F) Well if you watch DC’s legends of tomorrow, I think that’s an apt description. A band of misfits that did really well.

    (S) Your kd is pretty successful age to age, to what do you attribute its success to?

    (F) Mainly everyone’s commitment to continue trying new things and find ways to improve. I mean we played human warrior when everyone was hyping dwarf tact. That took a lot of faith and belief to try.

    (S) Do you like to test combo's that the majority of kds don't try?

    (F) Absolutely I think there’s really no bad combinations. Just how you execute your strengths is what differentiates a winner from a loser

    (S) Does your kd have a particular goal in mind each age?

    (F) Yes we do. We normally set it from the start of the age and keep to it. We don’t always achieve it but it helps post age reflection

    (S) Do you have any suggestions to potentially new players or existing players that might find themselves lost?

    (F) If you find yourselves lost. Ask yourself what do you want to do in this game. I know it’s hard to part with kdmates that have been with you for ages but if your goals are not aligned it’s time for some changes. Don’t fear the unknown, try it and embrace it.
    If you’re a new player don’t be afraid to ask stupid questions. That’s the only way you can grow. For veterans don’t downplay stupid questions either maybe it’s something you never thought of otherwise and keep an open mind

    (S) If you could go back in time and give the "newb" you one piece of advice, what would it be?

    (F) Stop wasting time trying to convince people who never will listen. Making your own kd is far easier

    (S) Describe any funny or peculiar incidents that made you either laugh until your sides hurt or had you wanting to throw your computer/phone out the window.

    (F) We have a nasty habit of people being quick shot with dragons. Many will accidentally send dragon for various reasons and it drives me insane. We also had a dragon situation once with Void where we were bored so we robbed Tetre of a full dragon gc and sent it to Void for kicks and laughs.
    Unfortunately, our stew at the time Taco was on a side chat to negotiate war with Void so he flipped out and rage quit haha

    (S) If you could sit down and have a drink with DavidC, what would you be drinking and what suggestions would you like to mention?

    (F) Pepsi since that's the only **** I drink at a bar. I would encourage him to look at bottom feeding protection a bit more since it's currently the most broken thing in Utopia. People are abusing bottom feeding protections to annoy people at the top with robs and trads on smaller provs in larger kds. For instance, SWEA robbed us all age last age and we couldn't do anything to them because of bottom feeding mechanics until they came into range and we sent a full wave of learns to spite them which we all agreed alright CF we're even

    (S) Didn't a long time ago, kd size didn’t matter, only province.

    (F) that was equally broken since it was disproportionate and encouraged bullying too much

    (S) So what do you think is the solution?

    (F) mmm i have my ideas but might be a little challenging to code. Perhaps introduce a zero protection when meter points are higher for aggressors so a smaller kd cannot intentionally annoy a bigger kd without consequences, else it kind of defeats the accomplishments of kds who strive to be the strongest since strength comes from size due to war win mechanics

    (S) Hmm..maybe its also a bit of ethics and respect. Only a handful of kds tend to use that to their advantage.

    (F) for ages if you land top5, its a massive target on your back saying please hit my lower rung provs for free or rob me to your content

    (S) I could argue that kds that land in the top 5 got there pushing their way thru smaller kds.

    (F) absolutely true as well since war wins are built on beating a weaker opponent for every top 5 kd there's 20 kds buried to build it

    (S) So you don't feel like a kd that 'taxes' smaller kds should be touched for their resources?

    (F) I have no sympathy for kingdoms who chose of their own volition to stay tiny to beat on other less skilled kingdoms.I am not talking about tiny kds. Im talking maybe T15.

    (S) T1 goes down the line, taking acres one kd at a time to get that crown. You don't think a kd that has had its land taken by that kd should not be allowed to rob resources off them?

    (F) Those kingdoms aren't entirely helpless either. They could fight back with ops or hit back

    (S) I am just playing the Devil's Advocate here for the moment, you say smaller kds annoy bigger kds. I say bigger kds annoy smaller kds with waves that they know the other kd isnt going to retaliate. But we digress, let’s get back to these all important questions. Maybe you can get this bonus question right: What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

    (F) Honestly, i have no idea? 300 miles an hour?

    (S) -=tosses him off the bridge=- Wrong!

    (F) eh worth a shot

    (S) Anything you would like to add or any shout outs to any players?

    (F) Shout-outs for sure. Topsy, Dowla, ahtoad, Mansoor, Evil Queen, MasterOfOrion, you guys make utopia fun and interesting, since some of you are on break hope to see you soon!

    (S) Thanks for sitting with me and chatting. Let’s go get some Pepsi and watch some submarine races now.

    (F) Thank you and drink time! since its morning I shall drink green tea
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