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Thread: Age 87 FINAL Changes

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    Age 87 FINAL Changes

    FINAL changes for Age 87:

    Age 87 Schedule:
    WoL Age 87 Open: Saturday July 18, 2020 @ 06:00 GMT
    WoL Age 87 Start: Monday July 20, 2020 @ 18:00 GMT

    An overview of important things to note and keep in mind while reviewing the changes:
    • All Races convert Specialists to Elites on Traditional March attacks, elite prices are significantly increased.
    • New Personalities added: Raider and Necromancer. Cleric and Sage Removed.
    • Honor rebalanced. Bonuses start at Knight. Initial amount of Honor reduced.
    • Explore Pool now also decays in War, but overall at a considerably lower rate.
    • Base Attack Time reduced. Most Attack Time bonuses removed.
    • Base number of available Generals increased by 1.
    • Wages have a significantly bigger impact on Military Efficiency. Armies can be sent away on attacks even when Wages were unpaid.
    • Schools removed, their effect added to Universities. Libraries reintroduced.
    • Several End-of-War Ceasefire bonuses and penalties removed.
    • Divine Shield returns as a Support Spell, now decreasing Spell Damage Taken instead of increasing Magic Efficiency.
    • Several Spells had their effects improved and/or durations altered.
    • Some Dragon types are more expensive and/or harder to kill.
    • Several Rituals were altered or improved.

    Age 87 FINAL Changes

    Thank you for all your feedback and suggestions!

    • Updated soldier networth value
    • Added a short summary
    • Fixed some Raider and War Hero inaccuracies
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