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Thread: Age 87 Murderous Changes

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    Age 87 Murderous Changes

    So we're in our first war of the new age. Boy oh boy, I should've quit with the others that called it a day last age. These changes are woeful and will be devastating for any lower activity player. If you're no a hardcore player or utilising the gold account or sitting options (payment required) then you're going to get murdered by these attack times.

    I predict many monarchs and stewards puling their hair out as timmy two-two's army sits at home for several ticks, either as they sleep or can't get away from work. Without barracks you're looking at 10hr attack times in war. Any half decent kingdom will seek to maintain 'sync' with amy return times so you can try and utilize =/- attack times to mitigate but let's be honest when you hit that +4 you'll get smoked into next week, ambushed and left to rot in the gutter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thejudge View Post
    ambushed and left to rot in the gutter.
    I like it dirty.
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    oh no, anything but… *checks notes* people using their armies in advantageous ways to get more land with less units.

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    So war spoils will start getting more reputable sponsors.
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    Correct me then, instead of being a dick about it.
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