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Thread: Two old hands looking for the right mix

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    Two old hands looking for the right mix

    Yep...We've been around. Played hardball and chewed the cud in the direst if ghettos.

    Two experienced but adult players (with some RL constraints) are looking for a kd that is cool and fun (and with some real experience FFS! ;), but also that can kick serious ass without demanding too much commitment from its players...please contact me.

    You'll get two GEMS in your kd's social circles (discord preferred) and two dependable provs that have been through the wringer many many times.

    Call us to your side. Inspire us, catch our fancy, and you'll have two drama-free provs (attackers by preferable) that will be there for you all age.

    Wannabee 'pro-kds' please abstain...

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    Hey, we are a casual war KD looking to fill slot 23 & possibly 24. Last age was our 1st age together and we did shockingly well. 4 WW, 18 warscore, top10 NW. We dont aim for top rankings but we got there anyway. Sounds like you 2 have a lot in common with our core of 22. Add on Discord if interested; d0ug#6415. Cheers

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