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    Revised Changes Virtual Kingdom

    ASSAULT possible spearhead vs heretic and moderately tough targets
    Avian: war hero - training stack
    Dwarf: mystic
    Gnome: rogue
    Human: artisan - economy is your cardio with nerd glasses
    Undead: raider - WT are the new stables

    SPEARHEAD vs rogues
    Avian: tactician
    Dwarf: cleric - clear sight
    Elf: mystic
    Faery: mystic
    Orc: warrior

    HQ division support
    Faery: cleric - an accidental cow waiting to happen; I’m undefeated in this guise
    Faery: heretic - hard target fools gold oow
    Gnome: tactician - pop growth plus speed and thief conservation; reflection
    Human: artisan
    Undead: raider

    SPEARHEAD vs mystics
    Avian: warrior
    Elf: cleric - a primer in rune distribution; lightning strike resistance
    Faery: rogue - there it is for the passionate
    Gnome: rogue
    Orc: tactician - great spells for orc and oow enforcer

    ASSAULT core targeting
    Dwarf: heretic
    Elf: heretic
    Human: artisan
    Orc: war hero
    Undead: raider
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