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Thread: Age 88 ~ The Virtual Kingdom ~

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    Age 88 ~ The Virtual Kingdom ~

    Avian: war hero
    Dwarf: mystic
    Gnome: rogue
    Human: artisan
    Undead: raider

    Avian: tactician
    Dwarf: cleric
    Elf: mystic
    Faery: mystic
    Orc: warrior

    Faery: cleric
    Faery: heretic
    Dwarf: artisan
    Human: raider
    Undead: tactician

    Avian: war hero
    Elf: cleric
    Faery: rogue
    Gnome: rogue
    Orc: tactician

    Gnome: heretic
    Elf: heretic
    Human: artisan
    Orc: warrior
    Undead: raider

    A slight shuffle from the Revised kingdom; these are more OCD satisfaction of completion moves. I’m sure they’ll have their fans. They’re the ones you draft because they want to play.

    It started with me imagining the hyper-op resistant dwarf: artisan, which forced me to move heretic to gnome, tac to the hapless undead, and finally, raider to human. So all in all the kingdom appears happier. The undead tac lies beneath the wings of angels in the HQ division, loaded with passive economy.

    Additionally, war hero was moved exclusively to avian to stack heroes inspiration and -25 training time. Warrior was moved exclusively to orc to bolster kingdom nw reach.

    Comments welcome. I hope you all enjoy age 88.
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