Congratulations to the winning Kingdoms and Provinces of Age 87!

Thank you to all who played in this round, we hope you enjoyed the age and will compete with us again next age!

And here are the winners of this past age!

Kingdom Winners
Land: Emeriti (8:4)
Networth: Emeriti (8:4)
Honor: RIP sam morin we miss you (8:11)
War Wins: RIP sam morin we miss you (8:11)

Province Winners
Land: Shadow of Mashadar (10:7) from the Kingdom of: Ghetto Vets (10:7)
Networth: hengz Coulee (8:4) from the Kingdom of: Emeriti (8:4)
Honor: Dirty Sanchez (5:10) from the Kingdom of: Diesel Power Recruiting (5:10)