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Thread: Spell "-" Time Remaining - The Tick?

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    Spell "-" Time Remaining - The Tick?

    Just want a clarification here because the guide and the wiki don't spell this one out clearly for me.

    Spells, like Magic Shield - if it says there's 1 day remaining, then it's clearly online.

    If Magic Shield says "-" for time remaining - is it still online for that tick?

    On the other hand - a spell like Patriotism has its effect applied between ticks, not during.

    So if Patriotism says 1 day remaining - I'm sure the next tick I'll get my extra soldiers.

    But, if Patriotism has "-" for time remaining - will the next tick have Patriotism applied or not?

    I think in-game clarification would help, too - especially if the latter is not applied, in which case the "-" shouldn't be present on spells like Patriotism and Inspire Army.

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    Magic shield is still active and patriotism will apply to the next tick. When it's gone it's gone.
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    Thank you!

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