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Thread: When does re-assigning Scientists make sense?

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    When does re-assigning Scientists make sense?

    Other than when you just found your province, of course.

    I was thinking this through and the only answer that *might* make sense to me would be if one re-assigned all scientists to a single category and then ran a massive number of schools. But I think even then, the loss incurred by moving Professor -> Recruit somehow doesn't make this satisfying.

    Just strikes me that unless I'm missing something, once assigned always assigned is the way to go, because those bonus points from Professors really add up.

    Alternative suggestions?

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    I tend to agree with your assessment, thats how I always played it.

    TECHNICALLY, though;(and assuming wiki is accurate)

    Professor = 160 books/tick
    Recruit = 100 books/tick
    Universities max effect = +62.5%
    Recruit may = 162.5 books/tick
    Professor may = 260 books/tick
    moving scientists can be well worth it, as far as total book production, assuming you can maintain the proper amount of universities
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    it takes 192h to reach professor, and you generate 24480 books in that time.
    in 192h a professor generates 30720 books.

    base net loss of 6240 books each time you bump a prof back to recruit.

    so this should be the amount of books you need to recouperate via university bonus, per scientist moved ....

    at max unis you are netting an extra 100 per prof already there, and 62.5 from each recruit you just moved.

    so if you had 3 profs, and moved 3 scientists as your max unis came in you'd be netting an extra 100*3 + 62.5*3 per tick = 487.5 books/tick

    you would need to recouperate 6240*3=18720 books

    18720 books / 487.5 books/tick = ~39 ticks (this number is a bit high because i didn't account for the promotion from recruit to novice which would occur after 15h)

    if you only moved one it becomes 6240 books / 362.5 books/tick = ~18h(same recruit-novice caveat)

    this is all with MAX uni effect, and assumes you dont already run unis, if you always ran unis to begin with then its going to end up in a net loss of TOTAL books, no matter what
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    I’ve got zero understanding of mechanics and that’s how I ran scientists.

    Beginning of age I distributed stuff to my liking. Strategically, I often run a balance short of learn attacks. I use everything so I go even. When facing an enemy I probe across their defensive array to find weakness. This includes economy which I interpret as cardio.

    I played by feel which is like using mechanics based in evident results. If I beat something my mechanics were sound. If I failed I bolstered either that specific weakness or deepened an ability to affect the nemesis.
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