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    every KD on every island is beset by a dragon at all times.

    dragons must be paid in order to be kept at bay. they take their wages in GC, or military units.
    -dragon 'wages' accumulate each tick.
    wages paid in troops add HP to your KD's dragon.
    -all dragons start at 0 HP.
    wages paid in GC simply keeps them at bay.
    wages would be related to KD total acres.

    after # ticks without paying total accumulated wages; the dragon will ravage your KD's lands until total accumulated wages are paid.
    -paying more than what is due does NOT buy you future ticks, the full wages will accrue each tick, regardless.

    every # ticks spent without War will result in an increase to the wages demanded, modifier reset by war.

    wages need not be paid during War, as dragons can scavenge the battlefields.
    -wages may still be paid in troops during War to increase HP

    your dragon may be sent to any target KD, at any time, subject to current relations modifiers.
    -once your dragon sets flight, a new dragon immediately takes its place, and if not in war will begin accumulating wages immediately.

    a dragon arriving at a target KD will first encounter that KD's dragon.
    -their battle will simply be a test of who has more HP, the dragon with more HP survives with HP equal to the difference.
    -if the attacking dragon survives it ravages the KD until slain traditionally, at which point a new 'resident' dragon will arrive, just as when you send your own on attack.

    an unpaid dragon, or an attacking dragon ravage in the same manner; with the power of all current dragons(until slain, or paid off):
    25% Lower Science Efficiency
    20% Higher Military Losses in Combat
    15% Lower Attack Gains
    Reduces Military Effectiveness by 10%
    25% Lower Magic Effectiveness
    25% Lower Thievery Effectiveness
    Reduces Building Efficiency by 25%
    10% Lower Income
    10% Lower Food Production
    Loss of 20% of new draftees
    Destroys 3% of Buildings every 6 ticks

    WW bonus could include # YR dragon wages exemption.
    -you can still invest troops to increase HP, but there is no risk of it turning on you if it is neglected during this window
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