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Thread: Protection Strats?

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    Protection Strats?

    I know these change per age but I have not played in a long time... heck I remember when your province had to DIE for you to then change your race to Undead.

    Are there any guides to protection strats; mills, exploration etc?

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    Maybe you can go to discord for a quicker response.

    I don’t do apps and my server based experience with discord was confusing. I’m probably too old to reason with it, but it’s where the bulk of the utopian community has gone. I always slopped my way out of protection, thus I’m not giving direct advice.

    Good luck. These days you don’t need to be as careful out the gate, but I sympathize with a need to optimize.
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    protection is only 24h anymore so not much time to work with really. i would say just read up on the buildings and employ what you think will get you where you need to go... it will all depend on your goals, or your KDs goals

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