The Kingdom of OATH proudly presents their Age 87 Summary

I caught up with the Monarch of OATH, a long time Utopia warring kingdom that has just recently come back to the World Of Legends after a long break!

1) What is your kingdom and your position?
Our kingdom is OATH. We are a new kingdom (our first age was last age, 87), with a mix of veteran members of the game coming back from long absences (10 years+), and some that have been playing more recently. We have also picked up a few recruits along the way.

2) Do you play WoL only or GEN as a kingdom as well?
A few of us will sometimes jump on Genesis together, but it's nothing we take seriously.

3) How was your age in one word?

4) What did you think of changes?
The end of age/changes is my favorite part of the game. Discussing with others the different setups that we could use, the pros, the cons etc. Last age's changes I don't remember anything specific standing out, other than the elite conversion for everyone and the much higher cost to elites.

5) Did you use any of the major changes to your advantage?
The elite conversion for all races meant we were able to use any race as an undead basically. By running high off specs, we were able to convert a tonne of elites. I don't believe any enemy we faced had more elites than us in any of our wars.

6) What was your least favorite change this age?
I didn't like that undead was removed and that its bonus of converting off specs to elites was given to every race. I assume it was done to promote more attacking throughout the world of Utopia.

7) What would you like to see changed in the game next age?
Nothing particular, I can tell you what I don't want to see - The personalities from Genesis. It makes the game boring and less strategic.

8) How did this age go overall with the kingdom loadout you picked? would you have done it differently?
Our loadout went fairly well, we had Dwarf/Necros and Elf/Necros. Unfortunately, we lost 2 of our elves early age and as such were only left with 3 elves to cover rituals and support spells. So, if we did anything differently, we would have preferably had a couple more elves (or just not had those guys leave).

9) How was the player base? did you find a lot of new faces were coming to you this age?
I never really got into the whole knowing who's who in Utopia. I've been told by a couple of people that they used to play with me, but I didn't remember them.

10) If there was ONE MAJOR change you would make to Utopia - What would it be?
Probably the Honor system. The system appears to favor weaker provinces. When taking out enemy targets, people tend to target the most dangerous foe to their kingdom. If a kingdom has a choice of smashing down Province Joe who has a huge offence because he has converted to elites all age, or Province Bob who has a pathetic offence because he doesn't work as hard to get his conversions done, they would choose to destroy Joe. Joe loses all his honor, ends up a peasant. Meanwhile, Bob skates by doing pathetic attacks. The war ends - Joe managed to get back up to a knight, while Bob is sitting pretty as a Baron. Which player is better? Which one is getting rewarded for their playstyle? I think the results speak for themselves.

11) How many wars did you get yourselves into and how did they all work out?
I believe we had 5 wars: 3 wins and 2 losses.

12) IF LOSSES - Who where they to and what do you feel was the reason for the loss?
I think one was Parabellum; no idea who the other kingdom was. Parabellum, I believe, just beat us from activity and better coverage of ops. It was our 2nd war of the age together, and we had found ourselves in the top 10 after our first war. This war was also made more difficult with the loss of the 2 elves happening throughout the war. But full props to Parabellum as I believe they would have still beaten us regardless of the loss of elves.

The 2nd war loss was my fault. We had done some waves on the enemy kingdom, but didn't really get any response from them. We hit them a bit more over the next few days, nothing huge, just a few hits here and there. They had a dragon started on us but hadn't sent it yet. We ended up warring someone else and they also warred someone else.

We came out of our war before they did, and realized they would be close to our size and still hadn't cancelled the dragon. Unfortunately I thought the proposed changes of having relations revert to zero when a kingdom enters a war with another kingdom had gone into effect. So when they came out, I was expecting to have 0 on the meter.

However, they had a full hostile meter and were able to come out with full ops on us and the button. It was a decent war for us, but a very hard position to come back from, especially when they were able to come straight from eowcf over-trained, ready to slay our dragon, and enough money to fund several dragons themselves.

I congratulate them, however, on their win - especially since they won their war in-between ours while holding their dragon for us.

13) Do you want to give any shout outs to other kingdoms who out performed this age?
I don't really keep up with who's who of kingdoms. Congratulations to all I guess.

14) Any honorable mentions to players who out performed the ENTIRE age?
I have several leaders who help organize/run the kingdom. Cows, SteveOH and Toke were very helpful to run the kingdom last age. It definitely wouldn't have gone as smoothly as it did without them.

15) What are you plans for the upcoming age?
Upcoming age will probably be about the same as the previous age. We understand we all have families now, jobs, lives etc, so we don't run as hard core as many of the top kingdoms do. But we try to come together and war as best we can when we can.

16) Are you recruiting? if yes, how would you like to be contacted?
We aren't actively recruiting.

17) How did Corona Virus affect your age?
The Corona Virus was actually the main driving force of our kingdom coming together. As I mentioned earlier, a lot of our players are old veterans that haven't played in years. Most have families, jobs, lives etc and don't have a lot of time for the game. However with Corona Virus, several of them found they were working from home... I should put "working" in quotation marks... and they had more time spare. So they got together and decided to come back to Utopia. A couple of weeks later and a message to Utopia Support, and OATH was founded.

18) Any other comments?
Change Kingdom size to 20. Slowly remove max size each age by 1 until we reach 20. There just isn't enough players around anymore to fill 25 man kingdoms.

Thank you OATH!

See you on the battlefield in AGE 88!