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Thread: Secret Santa 2020 ~ Sign up until 22 November

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    Secret Santa 2020 ~ Sign up until 22 November


    Since the X-mas (or Christmas, Yule, Crimbo, holiday season or whatever) is getting near and we felt the jiggling of little elf spirits up into our stomachs! Get ready for the seventh Utopian Secret Santa!

    You're wondering what I'm talking about? In short, people send small gifts (self made or bought) to other Utopians and get something in return. The fun part is that no-one knows (except me) who will give them a present! Afterwards people can of course tell (or write it on the gift), but it should stay a big mystery till Christmas (or Yule, Crimbo or whatever you call it). Here you find the 2019 edition, 2018 edition, 2017 edition, 2016 edition, 2015 edition and the 2014 edition.

    How does it work?
    You give me following information. I write it down and 'decide' through a random number generator who sends a gift to whom*. The sender (Santa) gets a message of who their target is. Please remember that sometimes gifts get stolen by evil postmen or simply don't arrive on time. Don't panic! If needed, contact me and I'll contact your Santa. Also, if you think your gift will not arrive in time, let me know and I'll pass the word discreetly on to your target. It might also be a good idea not to make or buy something expensive: you might get something cheap in return and be sad. We don't want that.
    Please also remember: don't send something you wouldn't like to get. Don't send dildo's to everyone!
    Two last things: some people want to give more gifts (to different targets), that's fine! I'll make sure that everyone who sends X gifts, gets X gifts in return (so people who send out three gifts, get three gifts). Some people don't have the means to ship stuff all around the world, no problem! Just tell me in the message what your limits are.
    CHECK OUT HOW MUCH SHIPPING IT WOULD COST! I really loathe people pulling out last minute (after targets are assigned) because they forgot and it's suddenly too expensive. If you don't know how, ask me (and tell me your country).

    *The first two editions I worked with a true random number generator, only taking into account where people mentioned they didn't want to ship. To facilitate shipping (to make it cheaper for y'all and to hopefully get less missing posting packages) priority targets, still randomly, will be from your continent (N-America, S-America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia/NZ). If you want a truly random target (possibly from another continent), let me know! If there are not enough participants from your continent (I'm looking at S-America, Africa and Asia), you'll get an intercontinental target too.

    Important note: This years's Secret Santa will only take place if at least 5 participants sign up. People might be financially in trouble in this pandemic and I wouldn't want to put extra financial strain with this Secret Santa.

    I need this:
    - Nick (forum or Discord)
    - Sex (if comfortable)
    - The way to contact you for your target (forum, e-mail, Whatsapp, Slack, Discord, whatever is the easiest for you)
    - Name (in case your postman doesn't deliver gifts addressed to your nickname)
    - Amount of gifts
    - Ship outside EU/US/Asia/Africa/whatever (yes if all locations are fine, specify if certain limits)
    * If you don't care if your target is from the same continent, tell me
    - Your address or postal box (Don't forget to mention the country!)
    - To facilitate the job of your future Santa, I'd love if everyone would answer these questions. The answers will be forwarded to your Santa, who will be free to use or ignore it.
    * Upload/link 3 of your favourite images
    * Link your favourite song

    How to contact me?
    - Forum PM: Nim
    - Discord PM: @Dumnorix#2805


    - Sjippe
    - Dumnorix
    - Tom/Zulu
    - Universe
    - QueenMab
    - Trepidus
    - Aarceng
    - 100C
    - DixieFlower
    - Evil Queen
    - Smackpixi
    - Skunk
    - Tadpole
    - Dax
    - Popcorn
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    Did this happen? I didn't get a recipient.

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    Ah, only just now found my target in PM.

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