On behalf of MUGA and the UTOPIA community I want to congratulate you on your win for the theme competition crown. It is highly sought after and many kingdoms had names changed due to the nature of them. All were sure they would win, but only one came out on top!

1) How does it feel to be supported by the community with winning the contest?
Pretty good I guess, back to back theme crowns are pretty satisfying. Especially with the rewards you get. Itís the most contested crown the game has at the moment and thus the most important. First time Iíve had in game messages from players at the start of age saying they love our theme.

2) Is this the first time you have won the theme contest?
In this kd itís our second as we won last age as well. Next itís on to the only crown I havenít been a part of and thatís the sticker crown.

3) How did you come up with the Idea?
We had a different direction we were going and then one of ls came up with this one and it was as popular as a $5 hooker

4) Who made your banner?
Long time member henry made the banner with a few suggestions from kench for the final product.

5) Have you enjoyed Age 88 so far?
For starters I wanted to go at least 50% gnome!! Age hasnít been as successful as weíd like, had a great start but then just a tone of bad luck getting waved super hard from outside kds going into war and having to wave more than what weíd like for constant cfs.

6) Is there anything you would like to say to the community?
Make sure to vote for us next age for back to back to back. Weíll be the kd with the best theme again

7) How do you feel about the prizes awarded?
Prizes are good, probably prefer sitting credits over name changes though. But weíll accept whatever they want to hand out.

8) Is there something you could recommend to improve the contest?
No, I think the contest is fine the way it is, leave it alone and focus on the other parts of the game.

Best of luck to everyone next year! There is tough competition for this community event.