Hear the sound of the wolf call, let it serve as a warning to all those who seek to enter the darker areas less travelled by the feet of men. Deep in the woods the wolf pack waits, stalking its prey for days before making a move constantly studying every weakness. I have been alone a long time in the wild but as a lone wolf I have no pack. Several times they have come to my assistance as when the wolves howl, we always listen.

1) What is your kingdom and your position?
6:5 Political figure head - FOX

2) How did you find your last war? (arranged or wave)
We were discussing a possible arranged war with 7:5 after we cleared our inactives we were gifted at start of the age . 5:5 hit us shortly after oop, and we are a violent group, we prefer waves and scraps to arranging wars so we retaliated with everything we had left after killing off the inactive. Around 12 hours later they declared.

3) Who was your opponent and why did you pick them?
I guess I just covered that.

4) When you run your wars, is it micro managed waves or do you have a preset plan?
Our war plans have a general goal ahead of time, but when opportunities arise specific goals are given. This was a first war of the age so it was very much point shoot and let the team do their thing. Next war will need more coordination I am sure.

5) How did you feel about your attacker choices?
I feel great about our attacker choices, it worked perfectly with our general strategy. A part of me wishes we were all faery heretics though just to offset the all gnome kingdom :grimacing:

6) Did your TM choices compliment the attackers well this age?
Early war still so our tm roles were all hybrid hitters. While we ran a lot of night strike ops it wasn't really a tm war. I do anticipate they will work out well later in the age.

7) What was the biggest issue your attackers faced?
One issue was that we let everyone flex alot of acres to guard stations or rax at there choice. Those who didn't op for guard stations definitely suffered. The other issue was after climbing so high in networth our too hitters best gains were 10-15 acres only, poor guys.

8) What was the biggest issue your TMs faced?
We had no runes :grimacing:

9) What approach did you use on your waves? did it work?
Max gain in networth range, one low def target as leftovers for all to chain. It worked well, we kept peon popspace controlled which made up for no fireball usage. The Undead targets low def only got lower making it easy to max gain and still drop a few low.

10) How did you plan to FINISH THEM off?
We sent three dragons, funded four but they gave up slaying by the third.

11) Any honorable mentions to your kingdom mates who went above and beyond?
Everyone did great, very proud of the dragon funding, its something we struggled with in the past so to see them all generously give to the team goal makes me :grin:

12) Is there anything you would change about the 'WAR' experience in Utopia?
I would change relations so that double hostile means double war button. If a kd pushes to hostile there is no reason for the button control to continue. I would also further reduce the explore penalty in eowcf and move all of the war win acre bonus to pool instead of free acres.

13) Any final thoughts?
I love the game, it is the last team sport my knees can still handle. I hope it continues to maintain community for a lot more wars. I appreciate the war, 5:5, you fought hard but didn't have the tools for the dragon strat we sprung on them. Maybe 5:6 wants to through down next? They thrashed us hard a couple ages back and I would love a chance to rematch.

Thank you very much Wolfpack and enjoy Age 88!