In the world of legends there are many dominions and they all have rulers but so few have queens. In my travels as a wolf and in a very different life a sorcerer I have the pleasure of being a part of such a kingdom it was like no other. As I travelled the lands in search of wars of the world I heard a great battle cry which surely must have come from that of an orc. I raced the hill top to see a gnome Queen clad in golden trimmed armor leading her forces into battle, little did I know I would meet with her again later in the age. With a fierce war cry her forces of all races including a large legion of undead charged behind her as she charged with unnatural speed at the enemy striking them down as a dwarf would be known for and it did not take long for the for the sheer economy of her kingdom to smoother the enemy with dragons.

1) What is your kingdom and your position?
The Original Matriarchy 6:6. Monarch and attacker

2) How did you find your last war?
OOP war that was agreed on before age even started

3) Who was your opponent and why did you pick them?
2:12, we have warred them many times and have a friendly Relationship with them.

4) When you run your wars, is it micro managed waves or do you have a preset plan?
Most of the time we have a set plan but if we are begin waved by another kd that we want to war or planned on waving then it is managed by our monarch and 2 stewards.

5) How did you feel about your attacker choices?
Since its still early in the age it is hard to say how some of them will pan out but from our first war they seem like decent choices

6) Did your TM choices compliment the attackers well this age?
We shall see what our tm core is up to this age and compare it to how it faired last age. We have added 2 more hybrids this age opposed to last.

7) What was the biggest issue your attackers faced?
Enemy kd trained a lot more def making it harder to triple tap. Slower attack times was a bit of an issue

8) What was the biggest issue your TMs faced?
Oop it is always the lack of runes this is why we try to have 22 attackers with our tm mostly focused on stealing resources

9) What approach did you use on your waves?
did it work? Opening wave was targeted on max gains before war declared and then we continued on the same enemy tm for our first war wave in war. Then started to chain highest off first

10) How did you seal the deal?
Having a second dragon funded inside 24 hrs forcing the enemy to tank the first emerald. Also removing their powerful high off prov

11) Any honorable mentions to your kingdom mates who went above and beyond?
Shout out to everyone for having great activity out of the gate. Sometimes our troops keep lack luster when they don't get war.

12) Is there anything you would change about the 'WAR' experience in Utopia?
Currently nothing

13) Any final thoughts?
Very excited for the new age as is everyone in our kd with the big changes to race and personality. Will be interesting to see how everything plays out. Thanks for reaching out to us. We have never had this opportunity begin in the middle teir. It has always been about the top. Nice to see us middle guys getting noticed.

Thank you for your time and Enjoy Age 88!