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Thread: AGE 88 - Yr0 Stories - THE KINGDOM OF ASCENSION

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    Everyone knows that human cities have their dangers, but all races cities have dangers associated with them so it is not fair to single out human alone. I was leaving a tavern after far too many ales late at night when I happened to wander down the wrong alley way, swaying from left to right unable to take my eyes off my feet I collided with nearly every object there was in the alley before tumbling over a waste bin and finding myself covered in dung and mud. I spit the foul water out of my mouth and uttered obscenities at the mud before pulling myself up and there before stood the 69th street saints, and this was 69th street. Looking at the sight of me they dared not approach, simply saying from a distance, this is our street and you must leave. I gurgled and spat more mud out of my mouth before pulling myself to my feet, at that moment they recognized me, laughing they took me somewhere to clean off the dung. While we walked they told me their story.

    1) What is your kingdom and your position?
    Kingdom is 6:9 - the Dirty Saints (Co-Monarch)

    2) How did you find your last war? (arranged or wave)
    At OOP waved around; Noticed 7:9 was pretty glass cannon - put 100 meter on them with 8 hitters. They fumbled the hostile by over hitting to 80 meter. We then declared behind them, deep chaining folks with little incoming. 7:9 - ud war - tough OOP setup but we thought there’d be an 80% chance of declare. So wave :slight_smile:

    3) When you run your wars, is it micro managed waves or do you have a preset plan?
    Depends - this one we tried to beat on undeads through semi chaining for the first 2 waves, then we just multi tapped for gains thereafter (we saw where the Econ battle was headed quickly)

    4) How did you feel about your attacker choices?
    First week of age, but good so far. Avians just be rocking.

    5) Did your TM choices compliment the attackers well this age?
    We didn’t really have any “TMs” - hitting and some NS

    6) What was the biggest issue your attackers faced?
    No major issues besides not having enough gens :slight_smile: - we could 8-9x with our offense since they sent most of their defense to dragons

    7) What was the biggest issue your TMs faced?
    I guess no consistent NS was a bit of an issue come max gain time - we left them with some faeries that we could only 1-2x

    8) What approach did you use on your waves? did it work?
    Semi-chain first two waves, third was a max + mass the 3 rogues they had, rest was “pick your pleasure”

    9) How did you seal the deal?
    Dragons, dragons, dragons - they killed two and just tanked the third. With UD glass cannons, they were virtually all 3k-9k defense

    11) Any honorable mentions to your kingdom mates who went above and beyond?
    Shoutout to our Av tacts who claimed to have wanted “the pit life” (going to be a long age for them)

    12) Any final thoughts?
    Their botch hostile start took things from 60/40 in our favor to 80/20. Decent gameplay mechanics because you either want no war or a snap declare. They tried to hit us a bunch and stall. It backfired :astonished: Lots of fun setups this age and looks like we’re unique. Looking forward to how the age progresses.

    Thank you for your time and Enjoy Age 88!
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