Mar 1st Yr6 - Swift Strife

Adventurer's Diary,
Day 15.
Somewhere near wolf mountain,

I wandered through the storm as drifts of snow blocked all I could see before me, I questioned everything that appeared as I had been out in the cold for so many days now. My new trappings were really proving its worth for the past several fortnights. I heard a scream in the wind, that of a man. I hurried my pace in the direction in case there was another traveler in need. I travelled for what felt like hours, I have some across very big paw prints in the snow here. What ever made these tracks was very large, larger than even the biggest of known wolves. I placed my hand in the print of the beast and my fingertips did not even touch the corners. The print was frozen in the snow which told me it had been some time since their monster had passed through the area. Beasts like these do not normally go away and tend to claim miles of territory as their hunting grounds as they roam wild and free.

Day 17.
Two days journey north of wolf mountain,

It is getting dark now and I can not last much longer out in this frigid land. I have seen no other tracks of the beast that I had seen from days ago and seeing them now felt like aeons ago. I am running out of food and water but I see a light in the distance and is that? Smoke!. I hurried my pace as the storm appeared to calm down ever so slightly just enough to make out what looked like the general store I had been looking for on my map! This means I am where I thought I was! Making sure my shield was secure to my back I sprinted for the store.