The moon rose over the town and all was quiet; the town’s people were at rest. Except for one lonely man, every night he would stay awake and stare at the moon. Every night he would be fixated on the cool glow of the moon as if he was expecting something to happen. Everyone in town knew about his mans strange behavior and questioned it frequently. During the day the man was nowhere to be seen, he was an outcast, and no one knew who he really was or what he did all day. Most of the villagers figured he was just obsessed with it or worshiped some fantasy God or Goddess of the moon and dismissed his strange actions.

During the day the man wanders through the forests, exploring all the old paths, venturing into all the caves and all the small little hiding places he could find as if he was looking for something. He, himself even after spending so many years searching and exploring all the secret places of the forests still didn’t know what he was looking for and even if he did he would still be looking for it to this day.

The man stopped for a rest by an unusually large boulder near a mountain side and dosed off. The moon slowly began its accent over the forest while the sun disappeared quickly behind the mountains. He was abruptly awoken by a stirring in the nearby bush but paid little attention to it realizing that it was night time and the moon had risen over the forest. He was trans-fixed by is haunting glow and couldn’t break his contact with if as if something was beckoning for him. Again the bushes stir but the man pays no attention as if it is just another bothersome person or animal trying to steal his quality time with his beautiful glowing pearl in the sky.

Starring at him through the underbrush was a pair of two glowing eyes accompanied by a nasty snarl. The man quickly diverted his attention for a moment and the eyes had disappeared. The man closed his eyes for a moment thinking it was only an illusion. Upon opening his eyes to stare at his precious moon the wolf lunges at him and bites him in the neck, tasting blood the wolf leaps of the man and dashes off into the woods, so quickly, so silently so sleek was the wolf’s attack the man was unsure of what actually happened. He looked at the ground and saw his blood glistening like platinum in the moon light. He could feel the blood trickling down his arm and onto the ground. The moon was behind clouds now as it was not the clearest of nights.

The moon came into focus over the town once again as the villagers were getting ready to get into their little beds and the children retreated into their homes to dream their dreams of fun and games. There was silence, a piercing cry tore through the village from the forest as if a freight train was passing by, it sounded human but more like a wolf-like now. The villagers were quickly shaken from their beds with fear.

The next morning the strange man was nowhere to be found and stories echoed about the town about the cry they all heard that night. The town rallied and battered down his door thinking he was up to some strange form of magic and that he was a wizard of some kind. The door flew down with little resistance and shattered on the floor. Plants strewn everywhere, the house was a mess, everything was destroyed or damaged. In solid stone there were gashes, wolf like claws but much bigger, as if it were more like a human being with these claws of hardened bone. The town minister made the sign of God and began to pray in a language the villagers could not understand because they lacked the education.

Every full moon the towns people here a scream from somewhere in the depths of the forest now and rally with their pitch forks and torches they storm into the woods in search of the man who was.