change buildings so they dont require input to build acres every time; you set the desired %s and they are automatically built.

rather than build/raze costs and credits, change it to a building maintenance expense which could be adjusted like wages to effect build time, maybe even BE a bit. this opens up for the opposite as well. much like military wages, if they go unpaid; your build time and BE would go for a ride

default settings would be as BoA. when the buildings set dont add up to 100%, the remainder just 'rainbows' across all the 0s. as soon as you change it to add up to 100, it will cancel and rebuild appropriately, immediately, because you pay an expense for this each tick.
-this means everything is always built or in progress, which does leave room for some abuse to boost BE... you could make in progress buildings add extra jobs to nerf that a bit? it probably takes more people to build a structure than to man it afterward anyway.

i also see it as a potential means for monarchs to have more power over provinces in the kingdom, by potentially allowing them to take control of this aspect of subject provinces, as part of their basic powers.

this gives monarchs some real power other than sweeping up inactives or changing the banner. it could be seen as yet more work, but i think it could help avoid a lot of headaches, and/or be a teaching tool to save nubs from themselves

in the end maybe less stressful? seems to be good amount of discussion to ease the burden on leaders, most seem resolved to the idea that 'it is what it is', though.

main issues i see are that people wont want to give up control(despite mostly following orders anyway), and potential griefer monarchs?