As I reached the boarders of the southern lands I ran into a strange banner that I have seen many times but never followed the path. Today was an adventurous day and so I travelled the road less taken until I arrived at the walls of a great kingdom with walls adorned with gold and solver accents. Whoever they actually were had wealth beyond our my wildest dreams. Within minutes the tower guard was screaming for the gate to be opened and when the draw bridge fell I was greeted with open arms by all people of the city, they brought me to their King who was feasting in the great hall after a great victory. The great hall was much like the walls except that there was more statues and gold primarily adorning the walls of this great palace which had stood as their bastion for many ages. The King invited me to his table and we ate while the bard rejoiced us with tales of victory.

1) What is your kingdom and your position?
8:5 monarch- so the guy that takes all the glory but does none of the work

2) How did you find your last war? (arranged or wave)
Was an arranged war, I approached the opposition leader as I saw he was recruiting to 25.

3) Who was your opponent and why did you pick them?
Opponent was 8:7 colours. Purely chose them as we knew they’d be visible early oop. Didn’t even bother to look that they were ud wh. Which is why I should stick to looking pretty and not making decisions

4) When you run your wars, is it micro managed waves or do you have a preset plan?
Every wave is planned, we’ll have a number of guys directing certain areas like mystics, rogues attacks ect. We try to keep things pretty well planned but simple so that guys can play somewhat autonomous. We do have a somewhat mould that we war to but things can change pretty quickly as this war showed. But we generally like to give some freedom and have our guys enjoy the game

5) How did you feel about your attacker choices?
I think we have a fairly solid attacking combination. Orcs are always a safe choice as a core. We were hoping to play something completely out of the box but changes squashed my dreams as they do every age.

6) Did your TM choices compliment the attackers well this age?
Probably a bit early to tell whether our tm setup is going to hold up. But it is a fairly standard setup so it should do fairly well. We generally try to stay flexible with our tms so that they’re able to complete multiple tasks. But the ladies and gents behind the prov are more so why they’re successful. Make me look a lot better than I am.

7) What was the biggest issue your attackers faced?
Our attacker were chained to bits mostly, so there’s that. But they’re generally use to it, I think they find it harder to not get chained like they feel left out. They were hit hard though this war, almost every one of them was below 200 acres at some point.

8) What was the biggest issue your TMs faced?
Tms probably struggled with holding peons mostly apart from that they bore the brunt of sending 5 drakes and another in the pocket. Which was a massive effort in a war that was only just passed the 3 day mark. I guess when I woke up to only having 78 acres was a bit of an issue though, but no one else seemed to mind.

9) What approach did you use on your waves? did it work?
We started the war by chaining as much of their off as we could which worked fairly well but being ud wh core their off sustained quite well. We were able to adjust through the war and threw in a few masses to quickly disable every Tm they had. Props to our attacker for being so dangerous that I was the only Tm that was chained.

10) How did you plan to FINISH THEM off?
Was combination of drakes and taking advantage of the opponents waves. They had very very organized single tick waves the entire war but was very predictable and allowed us to plan for it. It was a very tough war probably the closest contested we’ve had for a few ages so props to colours. We actually were teetering on the edge of wding but one of my war leaders put together and executed the perfect plan to pick apart thier entire Tm brigade in a matter of 12-18 hrs. Which allowed me to then annoy the crap out of my tms and pump them to ub in the next 12 hrs and it was war over.

11) Any honorable mentions to your kingdom mates who went above and beyond?
The entire leadership group did amazing, they allowed me to sleep. There was never a moment when I was concerned about the war not being lead when I wasn’t available. But also everyone within the kd played their part and stuck thick even when the war looked like it was slipping away. Just a great team effort.

12) Is there anything you would change about the 'WAR' experience in Utopia?
I think I would give more incentive to the lower kds trying to make their way and grow their kds. Also I’d like to see some sort of reward for being monarch. We put a lot of time, effort and credits into the game. If you took out the great leaders within the game it would cease to exist fairly quickly. So reward those people that put the hours in to keep the game going. We generally setup a wave at the start of war and then let guys relax into their own groove. It allows bit of flexibility if things need to change quickly but also it puts life before uto so guys are generally happier and enjoy the game more. Probably why our turn over each age is so low

13) Any final thoughts?
Thanks for the war colours and gl for the rest of the age and congrats to the good guys on another win.

Thank you for your time and Enjoy Age 88!