As dawn broke on the new day the drums of war rang loudly over the battlements as two great kingdoms began the war that would give one of them an edge up in the world. I awoke to find it to be nothing but a regular day as I marched in formation with the rest of the army for the morning drills we were marshaled to the court yard and told we were going to invade another great kingdom and force their hand to war. Within hours we were at the gates of the enemy fortress, sadly during the siege one of our armies fell in combat and its general was carried off the field never to return again.

1) How did you find this war and what do you do to get it started?
We gave them button with our avian/tact only 50/50 expecting them to take it. They declared two ticks later.

2) How many Dragons and which type were sent by each side?
Ruby/Saph/Saph/Ruby on our side. Ruby/Saph for them.

3) Which rituals were used by each side?
Stalwart into Havoc into Benediction for us. Godspeed into Benediction for them.

4) How did your kingdoms race/class choices benefit you this war?
Same as always. 11 mystics 4 heretics for us. We dominated the population side in spite of Benediction giving us advantage in dragon sending. Were able to hit some deep chains early that were needed with nightmare/ns softening.

5) What was your outlook at MINTIME?
Expected we would win the war without major unforced errors on our side.

6) How did you feel about your enemies choice of attackers and TM combos?
Dont have an opinion on it.

7) Why do you think they withdrew?
Because we had 100-150k pop advantage for a long time and safer UB's for a while. They spent most the war max gaining so the acreage/nw looked closer than the actually econ/military numbers were. And dragons are too strong. They couldnt slay them without opening their UB's and we had sent four dragons before they had finished their third (not sure they were funding it in fact).

8) Do you have any advice for the enemy, or anything to say to them?
Naw no advice. Played with Majesty for a little bit before rejoining Ascension several years ago. Good group of guys. Very experienced and always make a worthy adversary.

9) Any shout outs to your team?
They know what they did....

10) Any Final thoughts?
“If you're not first, you're last." Gimme new age already.

Thank you for your time!