I wandered through the southern woods in order to catch up to my charge but ended up getting side tracked along the way by a mysterious green glow, I had to investigate. UNDEAD! The necromancers were raiding an ancient crypt than stank of putrid and foul magic even from the distance I could smell the death. A battle horn, suddenly the necromancers casting the spell were interrupted and from all sides they were ambushed by clerics who had summoned their own undead in order to provide a bone wall for their living forces who still cared for their souls. I lay in the tall grass as orcs, humans and even elves ran past me on either side. I sat and waited for the battle to end and when it did I was discovered by one of the Kings Faeís who could see through the brush with her magical abilities she called out to me in my native tongue but in my mind she said to me. Do not fear, wolf, we are friends of all that is living, show yourself and I will tell you more, and so I did.

1) How did you find this war and what do you do to get it started?
Being lesser in numbers (19-22) meant we are constantly being farmed by bigger kds and our newer players always died or inactive in all our wars this age. Our opponent messaged us for war when some hits were exchanged, hence we went for them since we were being waved by 3 kds prior to the war.

2) How many Dragons and which type were sent by each side?
22 March we start ruby, 7 April opponent start amethyst , 21 April war declared , 23 April we start sapphire , 21 May enemy start topaz , 24 June we start sapphire and lastly opponent July 18 Topaz.

3) Which rituals were used by each side?
We used stalwart ritual when war started, to counter the enemy's onslaught which gave them a huge boost. Their offenses are almost 180% of ours in total but we have more tms and defenses to tank it out with stalwart

4) How did your kingdom's race/class choices benefit you this war?
To be frank, we do not have much benefits in terms of race / personalities set up as compared to our opponent. Due to (1), we just do what we can to inflict damage and tanking their hits. We are mainly hybrids who are forced to attack due to lack of attackers, 2 inactives and 1 newcomer who came back after retiring from the game for many years. Enemy had 16 pure attackers , 6 pure TM . The only strength we have is to keep positive and perseverance throughout the war by helping and motivating one another.

5) What was your outlook at MINTIME?
Our kd is a merger of 3 kd players + new recruits. Age started badly when 1 of the kd left with 5 players (as they are explorers) and we are grateful for those who stayed behind. We are quite even at first 24 hours but lost a lot of acres. We maintain focus on inflicting damage to the opponent, helping our chained, building up more unbreaks and focus on the basic essence of war such as armies in armies out and catching enemies with armies home. By around the 36th hrs, we gained a substantial lead and with 3 unbreaks, we never looked back. By min time, they have tried ways to overturn the tide, which includes max gaining and chaining our tms down. Kudos to our asian and european stewards that keep spotting and coming up with counter strategies. We push one another to aid out to our chained (so that they can send out) and kill the pet fast (within 6 ticks) while they are slower in killing.

6) How did you feel about your enemies choice of attackers and TM combos?
Our opponent is stronger in pure offense and TM . They are just perfect. We hardly miss their shower or ops on the majority of our players. They have 2 war win prior to this so we knew they shouldnít be underestimated. We gave them due respect and fought hard. The tide swing more in our favour when one of their attackers died.

7) Why do you think they withdrew?
We believed they withdrew due to nw gap widening too much to overcome + we have almost 9 ub. Also, they didnít really lost too much acres as they were mainly max gains throughout due to their offensive powers

8) Do you have any advice for the enemy, or anything to say to them?
Donít keep too much offensive point, focus a bit on econ . They need to have ample resources such as gc and runes to continue the long attrition war (duration more than 48 hours) . Too much resources is a sign of war .

9) Any shout outs to your team?
Great thanks to the guys who really fought hard and gave their best for this war. Ideas were shared and we pushed each other to contribute to the ritual, dragon, aiding and of course the chained. Some of the guys really bite the bullet for the rest of the team, such as aeges and reit

10) Any Final thoughts?
We have many good veteran players that keep assisting , aiding and guiding new players. We do hope in the future we could have a strong 25 formidable player that could teamwork and enjoy playing with us . We look forward to recruiting more attackers so that we can aim to scale greater heights in the coming few ages in top 10.

Best of Luck Stocktopia in your current war!